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Those little things

After my intial annoyance earlier today things settled back into place a little with the arrival of today’s post.

I’m not saying that I am more forgiving of the injustices of the world here but that sometimes the little things can make a big difference.

In the spring of 2000 I went off to work blissfully unaware that I would receive a call later that day to say that there had been an electrical fire in my flat and that the majority of my things had been smoke-damaged or, worse still, destroyed.

As I was living in Sweden, then a temporary accommodation, I had 101 CDs with me. Two cases with 50 CDs and one always in my walkman.

Of those 101 only one was destroyed but believe it or not that one was ‘Wish you were here’ from Pink Floyd’s boxed set ‘Shine On’ and so unavailable to buy separately. The irritation that I felt at losing that particular CD was mirrored by the knowledge that I would have to buy the boxed set again to have the complete set.

So why I am so happy with my post today? Well this is because five years down the line I spotted a copy of ‘Wish you were here’ from the boxed set ‘Shine On’ advertised on eBay and I won the bid!!

Less than an hour ago I received the CD (exactly as described) and it is now spinning joyfully in my CD player as I write.

As John Cusack said in ‘High Fidelity’, it mean seem superficial that we attach so much of our emotions to film and music but this is how it is; especially for music. Music is there at our times of greatest sorrow, happiness, fear, anxiety, etc., etc. and I for one can relate many situations that have been helped due to my love of music.

Thank you eBay and thank you Pink Floyd!

Colourful Comments

I decided to go for a purple theme in my colours today to express my annoyance at close-minded attitudes in society. As one who at one time in life was extremely close-minded, it riles me all the more when I see it in other people. It’s sort of like a born-again christian who is constantly infuriated by those who refuses to believe in the great maker as they were once as ignorant as those they are trying to convert.

Why I am annoyed? I’m annoyed because I accidentally stumbled upon a bible propaganda website yesterday wherein homosexuals were lambasted and begged to recount their sin and return to the flock once more.

Not only did I feel physically sick whilst reading it but was amazing that someone could use a quote from the bible that homosexuals were sinful and should be put to death. In 2005 I cannot understand that we talk in this way.

But then should I be surprised? The world is full of injustice and prejudice every day and just because I don’t happen to find the appropriate websites doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Well my minor rebellion against such prejudice is to have a ‘purple’ theme for a few days as not only is it a ‘homosexual’ colour but it is also my favourite colour too…;-)

That’s my two penneth for now.

Light bulb

I just realised where the mood thing comes from…he he

I said I wasn’t there did I not?

Feeling Lost

I can’t seem to put this in words, I’m writing yet have no idea in which direction I’m going with this either.

It’s a weird feeling that I get from time to time yet haven’t had for quite some time. There is a uncomfortable niggling that tells me I should maybe take more notice of it than I am (hence the LJ entry).

My writing has had to take a back seat with all the other things taking up time at the moment and I’m wondering if that’s it as without my writing I am truly lost.

Maybe that was the conclusion although it doesn’t seem to have resolved anything…give it time perhaps?

Current mood…?


Well after complaining about the crap this year I had a little rest from ‘digging-up’ new stuff and instead had a retro listen by pulling some of the stuff out of my cd racks, dusting them down and having a good old musical flashback session.

One album that I was taken with was Placebo’s ‘Without you I’m Nothing’, which is rather fine. I liked it when I bought it and haven’t criticised it since but I just felt like I wanted to praise something here after my rant this week.

After an opening feeling of “okay this is why I haven’t listened to this a while” with the much overrated ‘Pure Morning’, which is okay but rather simple and lacking in substance, I realised that there are some little gems on here. ‘You don’t care about us’ being one of the better and the reason I bought the album.

Other heavyweights knocking in are ‘Without you I’m Nothing’, telling you everything you need to know about fatal relationships; ‘Burger Queen’ an extremely nihilistic song about…well about everything actually and ‘The Crawl’, which is wonderfully dark and expressive too.

All in all give it try you might like it and if you don’t, try it you might like it!

I stabbed meself on a sharp knife yesterday washing up, do you care? Nope, didn’t think so. Ho hum.

The clone wars have begun!

Although human cloning started a little bit earlier than even I had guessed:

Check it out!

Right I’m in the mood for criticism now

After being shocked at Supergrass being good I should really let you know why I was shocked. This is because lots of bands I have been interested in in one way or another have decided 2005 is their year. For a couple I agree but for several they really ought to have given it a rest.

So I thought about a little chart of stuff to avoid in the music world and picked five little gems that you may be tempted to check-out due to past recordings. I warn you to stay away as they are not big and they really had no intention of being clever.

5. Röyksopp: The Understanding – I really enjoyed their first offering, especially as they had Mr. Kings of Convenience on there, Erland Öye. This one was a right disappointment though and I’m not inclined to go with the critics view of ‘darker’. How can a bloody superficial dancey-ambient thingy be dark?

4. Jamiroquai: Dynamite – Well they were fun to listen to back in the past. ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ is a classic and ‘Return of the Space Cowboy’ was pretty damn fine. The next two offerings were passable but now they’ve done their job and need to go and split-up and form other bands as they really are past it samey, samey guys. It’s just not good and you won’t be happy if you buy it believe me.

3. New Order: Waiting for the Sirens Call – God I so wanted to like this and I tried my best but Jesus Christ in a handcart how bad is it? Jet has got to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life! ‘You’re my jet stream lover baby’ Yeah I’m sure I am that was so deep…if it’s not deep it’s dark this year – see above.

2. Moby: Hotel – The guy is taking the piss isn’t he? He’s like I’ve heard New Order have got a shit album out this year, why don’t I do a really, really bad cover of one of their great songs? (Temptation) And, while I’m at it I’ll just chuck another load of crap on there at the same time and hey presto, it’s not deep or dark but dismally uplifting…ya f**king what?

1. Coldplay: X and Y – A friend of mine calls them ‘Don’t Play’ and this year I understand why. This is not boring, it is mind-numbingly boring and I’m still wondering if Apple wrote the lyrics and Gwyneth the music and both required somebody with no talent.

Happy listening!

Still not back to the land of the living

Hey I’m trying so less of your silly giggling!!

It really did take it out of me and makes me pay for being such a smug b**tard when I finished and said I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I haven’t been able to do anything productive yet and I feel so drained and tired.

Hope tomorrow is going to see me on some way back to form.

Oi what happened there, Supergrass’s new album ‘Road to Rouen’ is actually rather fine – when did they come back?

Some more thanks

I feel like a true Englishman today with all my thank yous…;-)

Hey you deserve it!

Thanks to:

Johan and Linus for remembering what I was up to and asking how it was going.

Micke for his e-mail of an offensive nature!

David again for great pep talks!

Per for swearing (Per doesn’t usually swear) when I said I wasn’t touching the book again until December (I think he liked it)!

Greg for a top e-mail this morning that put me in a good mood (I know I was already but you know)!

Age of Empires II for letting me win today for the first time in my life! (I can’t believe I enjoy herding sheep and farming!)

Sharon for her cool e-mails and zen kramar!!

I hope I’ve got most of you for now; if I’ve missed you out it’s purely because I’m crap!


Look at the time on that clock!!!

With 19 minutes to go my book is typed, edited (about three pages), printed and ready to be sent off tomorrow!

I did it!

I was confident all of Saturday and then started to worry a little bit in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday when I was really falling behind schedule.

The two periods of highest productivity were Sunday evening and this morning.

Looking at my posted comment earlier today shows that my worst time was probably today with only 5,000 words (only!) between 11:00 and 23:00.

I’d had enough though and was really struggling to the point where one of my proofreaders called a chapter sloppily written! He was right too!

Anyway I can’t write more now as I am so, so tired but I’ll be back tomorrow or Wednesday with a better diary of how it went.

I did it!

God this book. Wait till I tell you!!

Thank you all for words, comments, pep talk, vibes and thoughts, everything helped and I love that I have friends around me like you lot and that I’m not an Adam or a Matt (the two main characters in November – the novel)

Okay I’m off to cuddle the wife (she couldn’t stay up to see it bless her!)

Sleep well (I know I will!)