Monthly Archives: October 2005

Flimmer Film Festival

Well we’re into day three of the festival and Friday I saw the opening film, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, an excellent animated Japanese film from the creator of ‘Spirited Away’. It was then off to the party for those involved in the festival.

Yesterday was a heavy day which saw me in two different cinemas over a 12 hour period to see five different films. Not only is five films difficult in one day but the theme of four of them was pretty intense too!

I saw:

‘Three Couples in Search of Stormy Weather’ – a French film which I thoroughly enjoyed.
‘Undergången’ The end of Hitler and The Third Reich – Very well produced yet draining film.
‘Paradise Now’ – an excellent film, dealing with the Palestine/Israel problem.
‘Vera Drake’ – Mike Leigh on form again with a film about a housewife’s crime of aborting babies for those that couldn’t afford to go privately.
‘The Assassination of Richard Nixon’ – A sorrowful film, difficult to watch.

I will attempt to give more detailed reviews where I can but it is pretty manic just now!

Ok, I’m off to see film number one of the day, the Norwegian film Hawaii, Oslo!