Tales from the deep

Well the swim last night must have been successful as we went again this morning; that’s some chlorine intake for ya!

Not in a blaming mood today, not even myself as I felt that today has been a day to reassess the situation and decide if I am going to England soon to visit mum. I really want to but at the same time this would be the first trip without Etina (wife) and even though I could do it, it’s whether I want to that is a bigger consideration.

As Etina is now working at a high school full-time, time off outside school holidays is unheard of and pretty damn hard to get. Checking boat trips over to England for Christmas came up blank and so it is me flying alone or neither of us going.

Timing has been just great over the last few weeks I can say!

Getting a serious urge for some role-playing at the moment. I’ve always missed it when not playing but just at the mo it seems to be having a bigger draw than usual. Games are hard to come by over here in Sweden and I’m wondering how long it will be before I grow up…;-)

Pondering on switching over to Blogg as a journal alternative; I like LJ but it just seems that Blogg has a nicer, more eye-friendly look to it (yes I know, I’m the one that went for pink and purple text recently!). I’ve set up my Blogg but not yet written in it. I don’t fancy running two so well see.

Had nice responses on this one over the last couple of days so we’ll see.

Anyone been watching Battlestar Galactica (I mean the new one not the cheesy 70’s one)? I know you were listed as being Starbuck Pete but I wonder if you’d seen the series. Have to say I have been very impressed and have now seen up to the end of the second series. There are lots of positives with only minor negatives like the need to say ‘frack’ at every opportunity when it just sounds silly and a certain character called ‘Boomer’ who is so insipid I nearly fall asleep when she’s on screen!

Watch it, you might like it.

Watched Hex and really enjoyed aspects of it at the beginning of the first series. Now I think it’s mindless teenage pap and I hope they all die, no I really do!

Started The 4400 a couple of weeks ago and have watched the first two. The concept is so utterly brilliant but the episodes have been a bit slow and I really feel like it is going to fall on its arse soon. I hope not though as there is major potential there.

Pasta and Gorgonzola methinks now…:-)

God how I love cheese!!!

Burnley are beating Crewe 2-0. That boy Spicer is a bloody star!!


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2 responses to “Tales from the deep

  • pete23

    stay on LJ. everyone reads LJ:-P
    you can change the style of your journal, y’know…

  • kateyschultz

    yes, excellent to have you back on. look, i’ve been researching other blog service providers like made but i finally decided to stick with LJ too. it’s difficult on your readership if you switch, first of all. second, they have great communities and a search engine to go with it. i like the whole friends page thing too. i read plenty of Blogger and TypePad blogs but i still keep mine here…so far, others track me down to read my entries to fair enough….

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