All happening at once

Well first it was the laptop that got problems with its DVD burner (which is now dead) and then the desktop started playing up with crashes every five minutes (even on programs such as winamp!). Yesterday the scanner decided it doesn’t like scanning anymore and refused to respond to any commands and then to top it all off I received two calls last night from friends saying that my e-mail account doesn’t work as they have got failure messages from me!

What did I do, what have I said or done that resulted in this ‘negative karma computer scenario’ I am in just now?


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One response to “All happening at once

  • brittkylee

    Make sure all your work is backed up!
    Believe me, I can sympathize. The week my computer caught the virus, my fridge and freezer went luke-warm, and my cell phone died. I thought I would lose my mind, become utterly isolated, and be forced to eat rotting food all in one fell swoop.

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