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Beware the ides of March!

Too tired to write anything meaningful and so will just pop in resolutions to keep that up-to-date.

Welcome to mollymoon, squirrel_monkey, stephanietberry and youaregifted! Grab yourselves a chair and get comfy! 🙂

Belated Happy Birthday to girliejones and shadowrose!

Here goes:


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
38 / 170

Oooh much better there!

91 last week and 92 this week… what the f…? Well there was a wedding in England… am I forgiven?

Zokutou word meter
0 / 8


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8 / 52

and remember books within the genres:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5 / 52

I’m not as worried about this as I read half of a big chunky fantasy book in England and I have still to finish that awful book I left last week (also fantasy). There is still hope…

Dickens books:

Zokutou word meter
0 / 5


Mutual Live Journal Friends:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
29 / 50

Over halfway of my new figure and we are only two months into the year… I am popular! (Oops, think I just lost a couple there!) 😉

Board Games:
Going extremely well; whilst running around in England, I managed to fit in game of ‘Tumbling Monkeys’ with Heather (my niece) who beat me 12 monkeys to 18. How can the chuckle monkey lose at his favourite game?

The highlight was my fifth sucessive win in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, taking on the might of Andreas (my brother-in-law) and erybar. “The force is strong with this one”!

Short Stories:

Zokutou word meter
0 / 10

No, I’m not happy, there are no words for this… 😦

Best Father I can be:
I am currently doing 15 different loads of washing for the wee bairn (stuff we were given) and I wrote four pages in baby’s journal and missed her/him a lot whilst in England. I think that’s pretty good.

I’m getting there, things are progressing (well some!).

I’m back!… sort of…

Well got back from England and my sister’s wedding last night and it was all very emotional and lots of fun too!

I should be back with a chunky post, regarding resolutions and wedding stuff, but for now I’m going to go through my 300 e-mails and try and find where my brain went.

Back soon!

Where is my mind?

A warm welcome to rose_marie_wolf!

First things first, and that is my complete fabrication of the truth last week when I said that the title track of the album ‘Lantern’ by Clogs, was the weakest track. After listening to the album another 40 or so times (yes it is that good!) I have realised that ‘Lantern’, if not the best track, is way up there… apologies for misleading any music lovers there… 😉

The story for the Grants Pass anthology was really going places yesterday and I should have kept on with it instead of changing projects (as I am wont to do) as today I haven’t been able to get to where I was (mentally) and that is very frustrating.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,348 / 5,000

That’s how it is looking so far and I really wanted to be up to 2,000 today. Saying that though there is no point writing crap just to delete it all again… and believe me I can write real crap when I want!

So I just watched Episode 11 of the ‘Masters of Horror’ series and even though I enjoyed chunks of it, the series hasn’t given me the inspiration I had hoped for when I began watching it. I think that is my problem with horror on the small (and big) screen and that is that it never seems to live up to expectations, it is not done the justice it is due.

The beard is getting long and itchy now as I wait until tomorrow morn to clip and shave it all in readiness for my little sister’s wedding on Friday. A respectable two days stubble is what I need (hence the wait). Not only is it lengthy and itchy but grey too… lots of grey.

The sun is setting along with my inspiration and I realise that is one of those days that I just have to sit back and do something else… read that crap book I started yesterday, listen to some music… oh yes and I’m going to a friend of the wife’s for dinner…

…where was I again?…

Monday, it was, it is, it will be

Warm welcome to youaregifted and Happy Birthday to nihilistic_kid!

I’m here as a matter of stubbornness, as I am refusing to let too long go in between posts. The journal is proving to be a positive element for me as it is making me write more, not only here but in terms of my many projects too! I have also just remembered that I have two more top fives to do:

erybar asked me to list my top five substances secreted from the body (and then proceeded to give me examples)! Anyway:

5. Sweat – as this usually refers to an effective hour at the gym or an enjoyable game of football, or…

4. Blood – it’s a beautiful colour and makes me think of vampires (which are cool, basically)!

3. Tears – they are produced at times of extreme happiness and sorrow and I am all for extreme emotions.

2. That liquid that men produce that women don’t… ahem – I would say that 99.9% of the time if I produce this, then I have had a good time… hey don’t stop reading, I didn’t choose this top five!

1. That liquid that women produce that men don’t… – No descriptions needed? Of course not; I thank you!

kroker thought she was being very clever and asked for my top five 100 words of the week. I said I would wait until the week was over before making my choices and here are the five:

5. My Clogs review on my website – it was an enjoyable review to write and it was nice to write about music again!

4. My Empire of the Sun review on my website – it’s a great film and I liked the way I wrote there, it felt like me in my reviewing mood.

3. The Circle is Complete (Part Two) – I’d been pushed to write a positive memory of me and Mum (by kateyschultz) and even though it made me cry, it was very cathartic and I’m really pleased that I did it.

2. The Circle is Complete (Part One) – This was my favourite of the two and one of my favourite memories of my childhood.

1. The opening of my story for the Grants Pass anthology – It seemed to be taking forever to get a good idea for this but when it did the words just flowed and I like the result.

It is the story and some reviewing that has occupied me today and I feel very productive after getting some writing done and reading some of my latest book (a fantasy walk-through!)

Well choices choices for viewing as I can’t decide whether to watch a Master’s of Horror episode, a horror film or the pilot for Supernatural… any suggestions?

Resolution Time!

Here they are again, those wonderful resolutions… but first… a couple of welcomes here as I don’t think I did it in the week:

A very affectionate welcome to erybar, jubeanation and prettyarbitrary, hope you’re settling in nicely. 😉

Got a bit of a shock when I checked this today

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27 / 170

as it is exactly the same as last week. Maybe I’m getting cocky here (or maybe I only had one computer!)

91 kilos last week and 91 this week. I should be upset as I’ve done some pretty heavy exercise. Then again I did have two pizzas and cake this week… mmm cake…

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1 / 8

It was looking fantastic this morning as it seemed like I was going to add three to the list. Next week is boosted by the fact that I’ve nearly finished a book before I go into Monday!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8 / 52

however, books within fantasy/horror genre (which is the challenge):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5 / 52

I’m feeling better (the one I have nearly finished is fantasy/horror).


Zokutou word meter
0 / 5

Okay, okay!

Mutual Live Journal Friends:
My favourite stat of the week, 19 last week and 24 this! 🙂

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24 / 50

Board Games:
Played ‘Zombies!!!’ yesterday and it was great! Lost (as is often the case with me these days) but it was fun and had a little pre-game entertainment with scenes from the 2004 remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’!

Short Stories:
One in progress, it is coming, oh yes it is!

Zokutou word meter
0 / 10

The Best Father I can be:
Can’t think of anything that happened this week that was baby related that I should mention… nope… look out later!

How am I doing? Answers on a postcard…

The Circle is Complete (Part Two)

It is May, 2005, a mild, pleasant evening and it is happening; it is finally happening! After wondering for weeks (and months) if Mum is going to be well enough for the film, we sit once again in the cinema ready for the sixth instalment in the Star Wars saga. Will this be worth it, will it live up to the expectation and wipe away disappointment over the previous two films? Will it fall flat on its face?

And so here I sit, in the darkness, with my mother and stepfather to my right and Etina (my wife), Kathryn (my little sister) and Pete (my sister’s fiancé) to my left as the opening credits to Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith, appear on the screen. I know that my palms are once again exuding sweat and my stomach seems to be reliving that six year old’s uncontrollable acrobatics but I am still that small boy after all (when it comes to Star Wars) and this is, without a doubt, a very big moment in my short life.

The film is great, it brings the whole six together and shows us how Vader became Vader, how good can be turned to evil and how evil does win its little battles sometimes on its way to losing the war. But it is not just the film itself that is important here, as I glance over at my mother, noticing her enjoyment of the film, her little nods at my stepfather’s correct guesses as to who’s who and her tuts and tsks when he muddles up his names and characters; this is because Mum, like me, has maintained her enjoyment of the films over the last 28 years, Han Solo slipping a little in popularity as Lando Calrissian nudged him aside briefly.

The newer films force Mum to reassess her characters, she, favouring the younger more athletic Obi-wan Kenobi, whilst my hero R2D2, is not only still in the picture but has become a more youthful(?), sprightly droid and can now fly and spray oil (to add to his many talents) and once again saves the day.

In this cinema though a reversal has taken place as, it is I who am treating my mother to the screening this evening, it is I who invite her to take a treat from the menu (she goes for double-scoop ice-cream in a cup) and it is I who has arranged this all so that we can sit in the ‘Director’s Auditorium’ with the swish armrests and comfy chairs. The circle is complete for ‘once I was but the learner, now I am the master’ and Mum understands and appreciates the sentiment.

May 2005 was where my love of my mother allowed me to be able to take her to see the final film in the sextet that saw my writing career begin way back in 1977. Mum had just finished her treatment at Christie’s cancer hospital and we all hoped that the results of her chemo- and radiotherapy would be a success. We talked about it that day but left the night free for Star Wars discussion only. It was a happy evening and a film of little substance lifted our hearts.

Mum died 15th January 2006 knowing that her son loved her very much and knowing how upset he was by fact that my soon-to-be born child will never meet her/his maternal grandmother.

This and that on a Friday morning

Good morning!

Well in about twenty minutes or so I’m off to another city in Sweden (Eskilstuna) to buy a new monitor for the desktop. It is a monstrous 19″ and about f**king time too! pocket_unv has christened the laptop that we borrowed from a friend as ‘The Vacuum Cleaner’ and he is so right! I’ve had a mother of a headache all week (something I don’t usually get) and it can only be the laptop. The fan is unreal!!

The wife sneaked out and bought pizza for us both yesterday to celebrate the second story being published! She got annoyed because I am so hard to surprise and had to make up some story about going to the gym to renew some pass or other (I avoid her gym like the plague as they flail arms and dance and do all sorts of co-ordination exercises in the name of fitness – anybody seeing me dancing would know why I give it a wide berth!) and then said ‘Please wait until I get back before making dinner’. I waited and was greeted by a wife bearing pizzas… wahey! For those who don’t know, I am a great lover of pizza and in my height of pizza eating (and weight gain) I could eat two or three pizzas in a week. Now that figure has gone down (and my weight surprisingly) to about five or six a year and so pizza=treat in our abode!

It’s been a tough period, what with losing Mum last month and Etina becoming uncomfortable carrying her extra person around daily and so yesterday was a time to sit, eat pizza and chill a little.

I managed to fit in a ‘Masters of Horror’ episode too (number 10 ‘Sick Girl’) which was especially weak and incredibly slow to the point where I was glad I had forgotten to turn messenger off as I paused the program every time I heard the pling of an e-mail! The series has had some high points so far, yet last night’s episode was not one of them.

Got to grips with my idea for my new short story last night and should be starting that this evening…

I was reading an old interview with Irish composer Enya, yesterday where she claimed that she doesn’t listen to other people’s music as she is too busy composing her own. My answer: start listening as quickly as you can love (‘love’ said in a broad Northern English accent!) and then you won’t produce as much insipid, mind-numbing shit will you?

And on that bombshell…

My Friend is here!

Okay it’s time to plug my best friend erybar, who joined the wonderful world of Live Journal yesterday. As there are a few on my friends’ list that I think he will appreciate and vice versa, I have decided to put their names here and explain why you will maybe be interested in reading each other’s stuff:

angriest due to the fact that you are both major manga fans and that our angry boy has a Doctor Who as his avatar!

azhure, cassiphone and eugie because erybar is a huge fan of fantasy and horror (like me!) and is a master artist (unlike me).

drewshi as you share many interests when it comes to the world (or worlds) of Science Fiction.

girliejones because I think you two need to decide who actually is the biggest ‘Buffy’ fan… let battle commence! (She also eats yarn, which you may or may not think is cool!)

kateyschultz for your love of ‘Counting Crows’ among others (and because Katey’s blog is a damn good read!).

kroker as you two have a very similar sense of humour.

pete23 seeing as you used to be pixies together and were in fact in the very same campaign where Erybar (the character) was born!

pocket_unv as the geek levels will hit an all-time high when you two get going, plus you’ll have some interesting chats, plus you’ve met each other (mid-life crisis fest).

rantus just because he’s rantus; there isn’t a lot more I can say really… 😉

Check him out and prod him to get him going on LJ (or try to convince him to save himself now!) as I know he’s gonna love it on here!

Film review

As I have been asked to let a few of you know when updates occur on the website, I can tell you that I have written a review of:

Empire of the Sun

for your perusal.

Hey, I’ve written big chunks this morning and it’s only 11.00!

Mystery solved

On journeying to the toilet, the mystery of why I am so so cold was answered. Etina had left the balcony door open when she went to work and it is -5c outside… brrrr

Door is now closed and cardigan has been applied!