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Are you hiding your resolutions monkey?

No, I’m not so stop being so cheeky!

Here they are in all their glorious technicolour for your reading pleasure:


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
98 / 170

I’m listening to music non-stop, I always have, it’s not going to change, Maddoc is joining in with crticism, I’m over halfway in April – kick arse!


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1 / 8

Officially this one isn’t counting as I was eating breakfast as Etina pointed out I hadn’t weighed myself. It’s not looking good though, due to me not exercising and being at one hell of a party on Friday night!


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17 / 52

I’d be doing better here if I could just get the one I’m reading out of the way as it is proving to be a nightmare. Now I am dead on: 17 books in 17 weeks.

Dickens Books:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1 / 5

Yada yada yada!

Short Stories:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2 / 10

I have to have one ready by Friday and so we’ll see how this looks next time!

Overall I’m happy, I can’t expect to read Dickens when I’m on other stuff or lose weight without exercise… yay for the world of music though!

It’s official, I am addicted to these things

I kinda liked the theme of this one!

20 years ago I:
1. was still at school
2. was a very unhappy teenager
3. had become addicted to computer games

10 years ago I:
1. was studying at university
2. was realising that a seven year relationship was over
3. began to write November

5 years ago I:
1. returned to Sweden
2. felt ever nearer to a publication
3. got married to Etina

3 years ago:
1. decided to quit my job and become a full-time writer
2. asked David Lynch a crap question in Stockholm
3. had the best birthday ever

1 year ago I:
1. had my first short story published
2. was getting ready to take my driving test
3. was discussing the possibility of having a child

In the past year I:
1. got pregnant (you know what I mean!)
2. worked my arse off writing
3. was a very happy bunny monkey (see comment below)

Yesterday I:
1. came back from Stockholm after a weekend of film related stuff
2. played with Maddoc a lot
3. watched three episodes of The Simpsons

Today I:
1. sent in an idea for November to be made into a film
2. did laundry
3. took several photos of Maddoc

Tomorrow I:
1. am going to entertain family members coming to see Maddoc
2. will try and write my commissioned short story
3. will go for a walk with Etina and Maddoc

In the next year I:
1. will make a film
2. am going to spend a lot of time with Maddoc
3. will review my arse off (that will be better than it sounds!)

Album cover number two

Have you been waiting expectantly for this? I bet you have!

I forgot to say last time that by clicking on the image you get a better picture, which means you can read the comments:

(God, I love the title of this album!)


What spanking great news today; the website that I am privileged to review for:

ASif! (Australian Specific in Focus)

has been placed on the prestigious ABC News Online website under their Arts category:

ABC News Online: Arts

it’s bloody great this is!

Well done girliejones for a fantastic job and I very much look forward to working more with the gang!

Now I’m three weeks and three days old

And cuter than ever!


Just finished watching Episode 20 of Supernatural and am well and truly hooked; what do you mean you haven’t watched it yet? Get to it, now!

Song of the week: PlaceboMeds. A powerful song, which is incredibly easy to listen to ten times in a row without problems. A great intro to an album that is moving higher and higher up my album of the year chart (without much further to go)!

Big Congratulations…

… to my little sister (-in-law) for coming number one in the candidate list for the Feminstisk Initiative party, in the forthcoming elections:

News in Swedish (plus a pic)

Great stuff Sis, well done!

Before time runs out

Happy St. George’s day (or Sant Jordi if you’re Catalan)!

Album covers from hell

Over the last couple of days I’ve been browsing through a very entertaining book, cataloguing the worst album covers of all time.

As an extra feature on the Live Journal, (as if I didn’t have enough already!), I have decided to post one of the said covers a week for your chuckling pleasure; it is my job as the chuckle monkey after all!

That TV appearance

 A couple have requested my mighty TV appearance last week and I have found a link for your viewing pleasure:

Vi i femman 14/04/2006

(drag the progress bar to 23 minutes to see me in action)

What you may not have known though is that this was my second TV appearance. If you don’t blink and focus hard for about thirty seconds you may just spot me:

Flimmer 2004