Daily Archives: 08/06/2006

Snitched from pocket_unv

So, so funny; they are serious though aren’t they?

The dangers of gaming

chucklemonkey vs pocket_unv

The Shogi championship of Café Östra(TM) was hard fought and with many examples of blood, sweat and tears along the way but of course there could only be one winner (and it so wasn’t going to be me)!

The battle is in full swing

Yes I know who’s going to win

The humiliating defeat

pocket_unv meets the baby monkey

A great day had by all, thanks for the Shogi set and the pasting and for helping out with the computer and stuff!

How could I not post this one?

Big thank you (and hugs) to the wonderful wild_heart for this one:

Monkey Chow

OMG it so has to be done… I mean, how silly… 😉