Daily Archives: 16/06/2006

Another idea for my LJ

As I was out today on my cycle through the lovely countryside around the flat, I decided that next time I cycle (and subsequent sessions) I’m going to take the camera with me and take some shots of the routes I take and post them here, to give you an idea of Sweden.

Cool eh?

It was such a good session today and I was so, so impressed with my time and effort (considering it was my fifth session in five days)!

Yesterday I got a little tearful as we were eating pasties from Etina’s mother and I was reminded that I will never eat one of my mum’s famous Cheese & Onion pies again. I have never liked Cheese & Onion pies from supermarkets or chippies as the cheese has always been turned into some industrial goo that should be sent to Greenpeace to test pollution levels!

When I expressed this feeling to Etina, she reminded me that it was exactly five months to the day that I lost my mum. Even though I have not made a decision to make a note of the months, there is something within me that is keeping a mental track of the passage of time.

A quote from a song whilst out on the bike today:
You cannot haggle with your mother,
you cannot choose her love

Day 7

Okay a week in now and things are starting to shape up:

Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

My predictions are falling by the wayside now but I started doing it so why stop now? I think Serbia are going to push early on as they need a win (or at least a draw) and then Argentina (my team of the tournament so far) are going to catch them on the break with their super-quick forwards. This puts Argentina through and Serbia out.

Holland vs Ivory Coast
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-2

Holland are stronger and need to win this to avoid a must-win game against Argentina to qualify. Upon saying that though, the Ivory Coast were very impressive against a very strong Argentina and I think today could be the first shock of the tournament.

Mexico vs Angola
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-2

Angola performed very well against Portugal and unless Mexico play better than they did against Iran there could be a shock here too. I expect Mexico to come back as they did against Iran but leave themselves a tricky last game against Portugal.