Daily Archives: 18/06/2006

The Sweden files (Part One)

And here we have my first two pictures from the land of the vikings; they were taken on a cycle ride that I was very unhappy with, due to me deciding not to wear my sunglasses and getting a fly stuck in my eye after five minutes (it bloody hurt)!

It was also a short cycle (45 mins) and I didn’t really cover any distance but am warming up so there’ll be a biggy soon!

This is just outside Tornby (a village only 7km outside Norrköping, which is so so tiny). Notice the red barn in the photo; 99.9% of barns, summer houses and other buildings in the countryside in Sweden are this colour. It is called Faluröd (Falu red) and is named after an area of Sweden, Falun.

Just in case you didn’t believe I lived this close to beautiful countryside!

Heroes of the Day (18/6/2006)

The Australian team: played their hearts out against Brazil and didn’t deserve to lose the game.

I can go on to hate the Brazilian football team even more now!

Day 9

Welcome to halspacejock, very nice to see you here and to get some comments regarding the football too!

Well after shocks aplenty and my woeful prediction of the Czech Republic vs Ghana match yesterday, I’m feeling cautious today… sort of…

Croatia vs Japan
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

Japan need the win but so do Croatia and while Japan were quite weak (especially in the second half) against Australia, Croatia were excellent against Brazil and were unlucky to lose. I believe this result will put Japan out of the tournament and set up a very exciting game between Croatia and Australia next week!

Brazil vs Australia
Monkey’s Prediction: 4-1

I really hope this is wrong as a: I am supporting Australia today (and will even be wearing one of Maddoc’s koalas for the game) and b: as I hate the Brazilian football team. If this is the result it means that Brazil automatically qualify with only Japan to play and Australia must play Croatia to see who else goes through with Brazil.

France vs South Korea
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-0

Is anybody in the world looking forward to this? South Korea’s game against Togo was not especially exciting and France against Switzerland was mind-numbing. If there is to be a winner it will be South Korea but I think chances will be few and far between (hope I’m wrong).