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The Big One!

And here we are, the last game of the group for England and Sweden and of course we face each other. This is my home versus the country I come from, split loyalties? Never in your life, I am hoping for an England win to keep us top of the group where we can play Ecuador on Sunday.

Sweden vs England
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-2

I haven’t got a single one right this World Cup but I’ve been near a hell of a lot. England haven’t beaten Sweden in the last 11 meetings since 1968. It’s about time!

Paraguay vs Trinidad & Tobago
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-0

I have a sneaky feeling that Paraguay’s search for pride will undo Trinidad & Tobago’s aspirations for a World Cup second round spot.


Day 11

No time again but let’s put a couple of quick predictions up:

Ecuador vs Germany
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-1

This result makes life interesting for England as a win in our group means we face zee Germans next round… eek!

Costa Rica vs Poland
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-2

Both are out with nothing to play for but pride (who wants three defeats out of three?) and I think Costa Rica will go all out for it and Poland will catch them on the break.

For the poets among you…

I thought I would share this with you as there are some interesting things and of course competitions can be fun too!

Winning Writers Newsletter

Should I write a poem about the World Cup? LOL