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For the newbies and those who might have missed

Welcome to millies_notes and ne1home, hope you have fun here!

For those who might have missed this and for those of you who are new I created a poll to see which of my posts where interesting for which people (I didn’t put World Cup football in there however… lol) and so here it is again for your perusal:

The Filters Poll

That is all, thanks for your time. đŸ˜‰

Day 12

I’m up early and so why not get these predictions out of the way before I get caught out at the last minute again!

Portugal vs Mexico
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

Mexico need to win this after their lacklustre performance against Angola. They are just not good enough though and will lose to a well organised Portugal side.

Iran vs Angola
Monkey’s Prediction: 3-2

Could be a good game this one, Iran already out and playing for pride whilst Angola have a chance of going through if they win. They will get nervous and lose.

Holland vs Argentina
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

This will be a tough game with two of the strongest teams in the tournament battling it out for first place. This is somewhat irrelevant however as I fully believe that these two will be in the quarter finals as their opponents in the next round (Mexico and Portugal) are no match for them.

Ivory Coast vs Serbia & Montenegro

Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

A match of pride as both teams are already out. I think Ivory Coast have been very impressive this tournament and will be keen to get their first win. Serbia & Montenegro are still shaken after their 6-0 drubbing at the hands of Argentina.