Daily Archives: 22/06/2006

Day 13 (Continued)

Another group ends today and tomorrow night we will know all the teams that have qualified for the second round.

Japan vs Brazil
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-2

Japan need to win this game and so won’t. This will be such an annoying game, especially as the Brazilians are already through and so my good friend Micke and I have boycotted this game and will be watching:

Croatia vs Australia
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-2

Yes, I think the Australians can do it, yes I hope they do it and yes, they are my second team in the World Cup now (you’ve infected me all you Aussies on my flist)!

Go, Australia, go!

Day 13 (Late but honest)

Well an hour and a half after the games and I can give you my predictions (!?!). I am as honest as they come though so believe me or not this is what I said before:

Czech Republic vs Italy: 0-2
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-1

I knew that Italy weren’t going to be able to be beaten by the Czechs although I thought the Czechs would put up a much better fight than this. I am very angry and disappointed with my second team of the tournament’s display.

Ghana vs U.S.A.: 2-1
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

I was aware that both could qualify and that both would play their hearts out out here but I have been impressed with Ghana and really felt they could do it. Although I’m upset about the Czechs I think it’s really cool for Ghana and their fans!