Day 14, 15, 16, 17…

I will predict as far as I can and then hope I get chance to add others before the games. My family are coming over from England today to meet Maddoc for the first time and there won’t be any time for updates until Tuesday (unless I sneak one in!).

23rd June

Ukraine vs Tunisia
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

Tunisia took the lead against Spain and held on for quite some time. They both have a chance to go through but I think that Ukraine will prove to be the strongest here and go through as second place in the group.

Saudi Arabia vs Spain
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-3

Spain will rest important players here as they are already in the next round yet will still beat one of the weakest teams in the competition.

Togo vs France
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-3

France have to win this game to qualify and will. They are not looking good however and they might make this very hard indeed.

South Korea vs Switzerland
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

A massively tough game to call this one but I think the South Koreans will do it, meaning they go through to the next round rather than Switzerland. They deserve to as Switzerland have been one of the most boring teams in a seriously uninteresting group this year.

24th June

Germany vs Sweden
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

Yes of course I want Sweden to beat zee Germans but as Sweden keep ramming it down our throats that we haven’t beaten them since 1968, they want to look to their own record against Germany, which goes back to 1958. Germany are solid, they are at home and they will win… tyvärr!

Argentina vs Mexico
Monkey’s Prediction: 4-0

One of the year’s strongest (if not the strongest) against one of the most uninspiring teams of the World Cup. Mexico are apparently the 4th best team in the world, although this is based on results playing so many weak teams. Argentina will give them the drubbing they have deserved since they got here but have missed due to being in a weak group.

25th June

England vs Ecuador
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

I still think we can win the World Cup, even with our lacklustre second half performance against Sweden and if we can’t beat Ecuador then we should go home with our heads hanging in shame.

Portugal vs Holland
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-3

Portugal have nine points from a woefully dull group and will face their biggest test ever when they meet the ‘Dirty Dutch’ on Sunday. They may play better than they have so far but there is no way that Portugal will prevail here.

26th June

Italy vs Australia
Monkey’s Prediction: 3-0

Australia are going to fight their hearts out here and realise the Italian defence is like a wall. They will also see how quickly the Italians can exploit dodgy defending and the Aussies are in for a rough ride on Monday… shame.

Brazil vs Ghana
Monkey’s Prediction: 5-2

The goal fest of the second round. Ghana will start strong and play a good game against the scumbags. Unfortunately nerves will play a big part (as well as Essien missing) and Brazil will overpower them.


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