The shit is truly hitting the fan!

What a day this is turning out to be, first I get an e-mail from my boss at the teaching company where I do about four hours a week (if I’m lucky) and it seems like I am going to get the boot, totally my fault, for not contacting a student as I promised and who now doesn’t want lessons with us as we are crap!

Then I find out that instead of reading all the e-mails I have got from the film festival coming up, I have only skimmed them as I met the boss today and he filled me in on loads of information I thought I hadn’t received, which were tucked nicely into my e-mails… eek!

I had started to get a little worried about this thing of taking on more projects than I could handle in an attempt to a) earn a little extra cash and b) enhannce my career, and today is the proof (if I needed it) that it would be better to stick to a few jobs and do them well, instead of doing this many, badly!

Did anyone sign up for the 3 Day Novel thingy as it kicks off on Saturday? I’m curious to see if any of my flist are in for that as it will be nice to cheer each other along and do some pepping!

I have only one word left for the end of August:


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