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Your help is needed!

As you may or may not know, eneit and I are about to set up our own publishing company, dealing with the collective genre of Speculative Fiction (that is Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction) and I am going to have a meeting to discuss the viability of this venture on Monday morning (27th November).

These two polls have been created as market research for the company and so it would be fantastic if you could spare a few minutes to fill out the polls as much as you can. If you feel like helping even further you could link this post in your own journal, thus giving more people the opportunity of helping us out this weekend.

(The first poll is for readers and buyers and the second for writers.)

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

Writer’s poll

Once more, thank you for your time!

It can’t be… you can’t mean it!

It’s true and it’s official, due to my obsession with trying to listen to every album released this year, in order to fully compile my best of 2006, I have even got hold of a copy of Love by the beatles and to my chagrin, realised I actually like two beatles songs. I always thought it was one but another jumped out and forced me to listen…

Okay so the fact that the other 24/34 (depending on how you read the track lists) are symptomatic of the talentless shites from Liverpool is nothing when compared to the revelation that my appreciation of the fab four has doubled overnight; this is almost too much to bear… am I getting old, do I need some new socks and a bottle of Old Spice for Christmas?

To commiserate this disaster, I have decided to send a present to the first person to guess the two tracks in question. Only one guess per person and that includes guessing from different LJ accounts you may have…

Get to it pop pickers!

EDIT: If anyone was thinking of picking You’ve got to Hide your Love Away, please be aware that that is a total nostalgia song, due to so many reasons, and has no musical merit whatsoever. The two in question are actually decent songs…

Some of the weirdness explained…

This has been a morning of contemplation and explanation; things that have escaped me previously seem now to make more sense… pain exists, and being pain it is not quantifiable. Would I want it to be?

Last night as I turned off my reading lamp, I turned to Etina and said “Babes, I’m going to dream about you tonight.” which earned the response “Hmm, okay.” from a very tired spouse. The reason for this was that I had gotten a little tired (both physically and mentally) of the countless ‘Mum’ dreams recently, usually, if not always, ending in death and was trying to force myself into initiating a dream of another topic.

Well it worked to an extent, as instead of my mum dying in said dream, Etina did, yes due to the dreaded cancer. Mum was also dying of cancer but was able to comfort me in my grief over Etina (wow that one hurt last night!).

Upon waking I had one of my recurrent morning surprises of a split inside top lip (right in the middle) and have now been able to backtrack and see that this tends to happen when I have had a dream of upsetting nature (the more tragic, the worse the split).

Things make more sense today but I’m not so sure I’ve made any major steps forward. I have to bear in mind that 26th December (Mum’s birthday) and 15th January (her death) are just around the corner. My guess is I can deal with everything much better after those dates… for now it’s time to accept and embrace the grief.

On another note, this new story is one that is really plaguing me without letting me write it. Have any of you ever had a short story that begs to be written but at the same time won’t allow you to put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard until you’ve pretty much got it right in your head? How did it manifest itself for you and what was the end result (I know you know exactly what I’m talking about here eneit with your recent tale!)?

2006 really has been one of those years…

This came as a surprise, and not a nice one either:

Robert Altman dies…

Life near the fast Danes…

Welcome to artist_writer and punkrocker1991 glad that you both passed by and were interested enough to tarry awhile…

Have just finished a funky monkey business plan for the publishing company and have a meeting on Monday morning, where you’ll see me, all guns blazing, asking for my new business start up package (I think it’s a chocolate bar and a scratch card).

Reviewing took a bit of a nosedive in terms of the computer’s recent illness and I’ve lost two of my five outstanding reviews, due to me being silly and not updating as regularly as I should… I know, I know… shush!

I have this story in my head that won’t let me be but won’t let me formulate it either… hmmm… a challenge methinks there!

Any one notice I have a bit of a thing for the ellipsis? No? Ah, then I have hidden that obsession well…

Do I hate Ben Peek?

I’m not sure if I do actually but why not buy his book and find out for yourself?

Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, written by Ben Peek, illustrated by Anna Brown, cover by Andrew Macrae. Buy it from Amazon, buy it from Wheatland Press.

Oh, wait a minute… Ben PEEK, of course I hate him; the money-grabbing, lying, back-stabbing bastard!

What is this default society thing anyway?

Why is it that a writer, working from home, is not regarded as a worker by pretty much 90% of the people around him, why is it that I constantly have to explain that I am working from home, which in turn means I’m chilling out, having fun, messing around?

Why is it that getting respect and being given time is the hardest fucking thing going?

Forsooth, tis so

What Kind of Reader Are You?

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It’s eneit’s fault!

I’ve just spent far too long reading this and laughing my arse off! Not only are my eyes sore from the reading but my sides are sore from the laughing!

Don’t read it whatever you do…

Baby name catastrophe