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My first entry (which may also be scarily prophetic)!

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Make the FBIs most wanted list.

Get your resolution here.

This is the end…

… not so beautiful friend…

What a way to end 2006

The Monkey’s year in posts

Here is 2006 from the point of view of my favourite posts of the year:

  1. Mummy has gone now – 15th January
  2. The Circle is Complete: Part One – 15th February
  3. Me in the Newspaper! – 9th March
  4. He’s back… and this time it’s official – 9th April
  5. Here’s the one you requested – 11th May
  6. The fans are in action – 12th June
  7. Ten reasons why… – 12th July
  8. Things are moving on now… – 14th August
  9. It’s done! – 4th September
  10. A Maddoc Treat! – 1st October
  11. The Demise of the Horror film – 1st November
  12. Two things you needed to know on a Friday evening – 15th December

Well there they are, enjoy!

The Resolutions in full (for the last time this year)

Well 2006 was the first year that I laid my resolution plans bare for mockery (and maybe support) and there are a few of you that have been along since day one, whereas others have come in later and seen the end of the year’s objectives.

Well here’s all of them in glorious technicolour and my thoughts and comments:


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
250 / 170

The highlight of the year and if I’d have known that 250 was 147% then I would have pushed another couple just to get it up to 150% (ha ha).

There were many highs and lows in the music world in 2006 and some of that is mentioned in my website (accessed by links on previous entries).


Zokutou word meter
0 / 6

This is one of the failures but also a mess as the figure has been miscalculated over the year. I originally said I wanted to go from 90 kilos to 84 kilos (a total of six kilos) and then somehow it went up to an eight kilo loss from 92 kilos to 84 kilos (probably when I gained two extra kilos)…

… anyway the upshot of the whole saga is that over a year of ups and downs, I started the year at 90 kilos and finished it at 90 kilos, thus giving me a 0% success rate… bollocks!

Books Read:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
36 / 52

girliejones said that 70% was a good ratio and I was so near here! Failing my aim of 52 meant that I pushed for the final score of 40, which also eluded me. There are many things I can attribute this to but I think I will have to hold up my hands and argue that discovering several new TV series and the delights of FIFA07 were the biggest two culprits.

It’s still a few books, I just wish they had been better ones…

Dickens Books Read:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1 / 5

Another one that went up and down due to me keep thinking I had read two and not one of the five left in the flat this year. This was due to me having read two Dickens but one of them being A Christmas Carol which I have read before.

This was always tetchy from day one and I don’t know why I keep doing it to myself (second year in a row I’ve failed this one!)

Short Stories Written:

Zokutou word meter
10 / 10

Thought this would be 12 due to my eagerness to do a writing challenge and submit to a webzine I would dearly love to be part of. This was not to be but at least I met the resolution I set myself and personal goals are always good!

Mutual Live Journal Friends:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
118 / 50

Seems a bit silly to say albums were the highlight when looking at this score, especially with me having six at the start of the year and the initial resolution being 20, rather than the final 50.

I had decided to up my LJ usage for two reasons: to meet people and make friends and to network, giving my writing career a much needed boost after a couple of problematic years.

Well of course both of these have been achieved and not just in statistical form but by real opportunities coming out of writing ideas (publishing company and anthology) and of course the making of some wonderful friendships. This has been so big that I have even been called (and have called someone) family due to this particular medium of contact and the community spirit it embraces!

Yay for Live Journal and big yay for my flist; you’re bloody brilliant, you know that!

Be The Best Father I Can Be:
In some ways it seems like this was a rather strange resolution to make but it made sense to me at the time and it pushed me to justify why it was I felt like I was doing the things I should be to make the boy’s life more rich in 2006. Only you who have witnessed it all in 2006 can say whether this has been achieved or not…

Board Games:
The mission was to play as many as I could this year, as I love them and by playing them it meant that I was achieving my own mini-mission of fun away from the computer and having fun with people I care about.

There were loads played, the highlights being two Zombies!!! fests (both of which I lost), Tigris & Euphrates (which I also lost big time), Settlers (which I won one and lost one), Star Wars Risk (which I won in big style), Chess (finally using my big board bought in Poland to paste the wife), not to mention being the undefeated champion of Star Wars TP (four in a row).

They were all good fun and part of a year of friends getting together and having good food, chats and healthy competition!

Wish more of you were nearby for the fun and games of 2007…

Well that’s them, there is more in the way of reflections soon but one thing I am curious about and that is what are 2007’s resolutions going to be? Any ideas?

Stave the First

Want to know why I’ve been practically invisible since I got back on Thursday? Well here are two reasons why (with more to come):

The Book (read) of 2006

The Top Five (well ten in a way) Albums of 2006

Curious to see what your comments are…

Want to know what kept me in high spirits over the Christmas holiday?

Off to England…

… tomorrow and so it might get a bit quiet around here for a few days…

Hope you don’t miss me too much (I know you will but try your best) and if I don’t get a chance to say so before, have a wonderful Christmas!

Hugs to my lurvely flist

Telephone call to the Police

“Hello is that the police?”
“It is yes, how may we help?”
“I believe I’m being stalked.”
“Can you describe your stalker?”
“Well, he’s quite big and has grey in his beard…”
“…*chuckles* He’s not wearing red is he?”
“Well, no, not that I remember but…”
“… Look sir, we get a lot of prank calls this time of year…”
“… I’m not being stalked by Santa and don’t call me sir, I’m a monkey!”
“You’re a monkey?”
“Well you don’t have any rights as a monkey I’m afraid; even if your stalker was to do something to you then we wouldn’t be able to arrest him.”
“You are joking, right?”
“Fraid not.”
“So he can do whatever and get away with it?”
“Pretty much.”
“Oh my god, I’m dead meat!”

There’s no use crying over spilt milk…

… and so I didn’t, I just grumbled a bit and mopped it up!

“What’s that new perfume you’re wearing?”

On another note, I realised today that I could have done my end of year CD with every song having something to do with monkeys. Would have been a crap CD but sort of poignant too!

“Find the letter C”

I know a few who would agree…

Oh the chucklemonkey outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Let It Snow
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :