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Maddoc + Daddy = Poorly (but why?)

As a unscheduled break to the awesome posts I bring you two poorly boys. We’re both suffering from some form of stomach bug and even though I’m having trouble eating and sleeping, Maddoc is having it worse and has spent most of the day sticking to me like glue or crying (or both at the same time).

It’s been an intense week that’s for sure: the business plan went off to the advisors on Monday morning, the anthology (In Bad Dreams) went off for evaluation on Tuesday afternoon, we said no to the possibility of moving flat this spring, I quit my job as a teacher last week and this morning I got offered a teaching post in Kazakhstan (wtf?).

I think due to the lack of sleep and the high energy levels I’ve had to have for these projects, it’s not surprising that I have fallen foul of Maddoc’s bug (he first got it Friday, with untold amounts of spew and tears).

Still, early night tonight in an attempt to kick this, and water, yes, water…

xjenavivex = awesome (but why?)

Apart from it taking me six months to write her user name properly,

and I have built up a rapport quickly. She is an absolute joy to have on my flist due to her caring nature, wonderful sense of humour and way of not taking her self too seriously, whilst at the same time having a very analytical way of looking at her situation and the situation of others around her.

She has a sexy icon, that makes me wonder if it is possible to fall for an animated figure (keep out of this

!) and is quite lovely in reality when truth be told. She suggested the nickname chuckles and has maintained that, even with the death of the giggling gibbon.

is a writer with an eye for the written word, she seems to know where they go in a passage, in a post, pretty much anywhere, and I think I’ve learned a lot from her style in the short time we have been friends. We will be looking for work from her when the publishing company is up and running.

Thanks for being you sweetie, I wouldn’t have you any other way!

lurvelille = awesome (but why?)

One of my later friends on live journal but wow has this woman made an impact in such a short time! The minute I see that I’ve got a LJ comment from

, I’m off checking what it is, what she has to say; why is that?

Well because she’s extremely funny, she’s very open, she’s such a warm soul and I get a buzz from reading what she has to say and love getting comments from her.

She writes a lot of her posts in Norwegian and it gives me a kick that I can read and understand quite a lot of what she writes.

She has good music taste, her books have been questioned by yours truly but funnily enough we met on George Martin’s blog and I was impressed by what she had to say and how she said it.

Also having gone through loss last year we have connected on quite a few levels and

is definitely one of the reasons why I am glad to be on LJ!

*hugs* for my fave Norwegian!

leopardess = awesome (but why?)

I mistakenly said that

was the only member of my flist that I was doing this for that I had met in person so far, as there are two others,

being one of them. We worked together on the film festival here in Norrköping last year and I found her to be a funny and warm person.

We didn’t work together much and so I didn’t see the other sides that have come out since we became mutual friends on LJ.

is an extremely gifted photographer and I have contacted her already regarding using one of her pictures for mine and

‘s next book project (yes we’re already getting ready for number two!), she has a quirky sense of humour (which I love), she’s gorgeous (should I have admitted I think that?) and to top it all she is a lost soul, aren’t we all?

She’s great, she’s lots of fun and I hope we get to meet each other again in person soon…

eneit = awesome (but why?)

Where the bloody hell am I supposed to start here, I haven’t got pages and pages to write and much of what this person says to me has been said already, in other forms? But hey, you lot need to hear and so I have have to try…

quite simply is family, she has made my world a better place in countless ways since we met just under a year ago on LJ,

thought we should meet due to our similar humour and personality and I think she was even more right than she guessed at the time.

We got on like a street on fire (house being way to small and insignificant) and she has been a shoulder to cry on, a good laugh, a great friend, a fantastic business partner (I mean come on, we discussed the potential of working together on an anthology last summer and now, six months later, we have an interested party, we got big authors to write for us and we left our business plan in for evaluation to start our own publishing company with more ideas than you can even guess at on how to go with that)!

has been great for my writing, she inspires me, she is an honest critic, she pushes me in fact and I have reacted positively to all those. In fact last year was one of my best years for writing and this is considering that Maddoc came on the scene shortly before we meet (so in truth I should have been doing worse).

She knows me, quite simply, she knows what I can achieve, she knows how to make me push for that and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have in that position in my life.

She has six kids with one on the way and still manages to write, to spend time with her family, with me, and her friends. She is by far my best commenter on my LJ and has helped my LJ to become as popular as it is now.

I love her to bits and I hope she knows how much because I try and let her know as often as I can. She is physical proof that you can have friendships over the net (although I can’t wait to meet her and the family in person) but also that time is not as important as we think.

You’re the best!

pocket_unv = awesome (but why?)

The first (and possibly only one) of these, that is a member of my flist that I know in person.

has been a real friend over the last year or so and getting to know him has enriched my life in many ways.

He is actually someone I look up to (which is cool as he’s 11 years younger than me) because he gets things done. What I mean by this is that he is doing extremely well at university, is a member of a choir (lots of practice), plays masses of computer games, reads, listens to music and still manages to have a social life. He always seems relaxed and happy and I know some of that must be due to us seeing each other when he has time but I still get that picture of the smiling one when I think of him.

He has a big heart, has time for you when times are tough and is there with a kind word and an offer of a good single malt. He understands the importance of coffee and is one of Maddoc’s favourite ‘extra’ uncles.

I would say that a word that springs to mind when I think of this particular person is ‘fun’ and that’s a pretty good way to be seen!

Thanks for being around mate, let’s meet up soon!

azhure = awesome (but why?)

is a character, there is no escaping it, she is an avid blogger (beating me to number of posts a day… I think) and has a lot to say that people want to listen to.

She is writer with a wonderful sense of the written word. I have only written one review of her work, and it was glowing, yet I have been priviliged to  be able to read some of her other work too.

is a writer that I am very keen to get on the books of our publishing company when it is set up.

She has a great array of photos and icons that always keep us on our toes, listens to great music and is a talented individual in so many areas. All this and being a sufferer of Lupus makes for an extraordinary person.

I wish you all the best in the future, with your writing, your recent marriage and everything. Thanks for being on my flist and I look forward to reading your posts for many years to come

jillyanne = awesome (but why?)

We first met in a combined effort to make a troll realise how small he was in a writer’s community and I realised what a lot of fun she was. Although she has Lupus (enhancing my knowledge of spoons), she still has a wry sense of humour and a refreshing way of looking at the world.

There have been melancholic posts too but jillyanne always manages to write them with an honesty and openness that I just love, draws you in and makes you a part of the process.

She is a keen listenener to music (always a plus for me) and is also a singer with a great voice, I’ve still only heard one mp3 from her in concert but it was pretty impressive!

Last but not least she has some wonderfully sultry pictures from her webcam… 😉

Thanks for making my flist a better place!

OMG *runs around like headless chicken to action music*

Just this second read an e-mail from [info]eneit, where she mentions interest in In Bad Dreams, as such we have to have a version we can send to them before an acquisition meeting on Wednesday… eek!

*throws Maddoc at his mum and scurries off*

Disclaimer: No infants were harmed during the making of this post.

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