Serenity question (now spoilers have arrived)

Well I’ve now watched my first film of the year and I decided to go for Serenity, having just recently finished watching Firefly and am curious about one thing.

I’ve heard so much about how this is a film that is great regardless of whether you have seen Firefly or not and I don’t get that.

I thought it was a good film, not as good as I had been lead to believe, but good nonetheless. One of the reasons I thought it was good was that it was a good tie-up of the series that had been prematurely axed. Being that that was my main incentive to watch the film, I’m curious as to why those who haven’t seen the series enjoyed it and why others think it works for both Firefly viewers and non-Firefly viewers.

Answers in big writing on a colourful postcard please (as I’m losing the ability to read)!


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