Maybe it’s time to change one of my habits.

I tend not to read reviews for books, albums or films before I read, listen to, or watch them. One of the reasons is because it makes a film (especially) that much more gripping when you see know so little about it beforehand.

Not so Borat, as, for some reason, I had the impression that this was an intelligent, political satire about the US and their foreign policies. What I found was a vile, repugnant teenage comedy about sex, filled with toilet humour and making fun of people less fortunate than we in the Western world.

I was actually only able to watch the first 25 mins before having to turn this piece of tripe off but can’t help feeling saddened that so many people see this as humour. It’s not funny and it says a lot about mainstream cinema when this is as popular as it is (Jackassanyone?).

Etina is more anal than me and suffered the last hour alone while I ran into the other room to begin my viewing of The Lost Room. I have only watched part one of the three part intro. mini-series yet have noticed two things: the first is the story itself is really interesting and makes me want to see more. The second is that the acting is some of the worst I’ve seen on TV for quite some time, so bad in fact I think that this might make me switch off earlier than I should.

We’ll see…

DO NOT WATCH Borat, you’ll thank me for the warning!


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