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wild_heart = awesome (but why?)

*looks at the clock* Is this really a good idea to be starting this one now? *looks sceptical*

Well few on this LJ road have affected me quite as much as this person and I still can’t remember whose LJ I was on when I stumbled across hers and a wonderful icon she had running at the time (she is the queen of icons!).

I stuck around, (did I have another choice?) and have been rewarded with one of the most special people ever on my flist.

is funny, even when talking about tools, and stoves, she’s sassy (see my earlier comments about seamonkey!), witty, wise, generous, warm, loving, and downright wonderful!

She has been a wealth of inspiration for me when it comes to life and how, even though it is a fight at times and there are lots of windy, twisty (fucking dug up and demolished), and turny roads, it is the way you approach them, navigate them that sees you through, makes sure you come out the other side smiling (or in her case laughing)!

She has a great voice and it’s about time she did another voice post, she has a son who is so lucky to have her as the love she expresses for him on this journal is amazing.

She cooks things in 13s (which is always special) and she’s a witch; I know a bonafide witch, how cool is that?

I could go on all night, but those who know her know what I mean and those who don’t are missing something very special in their world as she truly is a delight to behold!

She’s sexy too… (but don’t tell her I told you that or she’ll be picking those seductive icons again!)


seamonkey = awesome (but why?)

is the ultimate blogger. Wait I’d better explain that hadn’t I? I mean there’s all kinds of blogs but for me

‘s is the one that lives up to all my expectations of what a blog should be.

She posts cool pics, pictures of relevance, pictures that ultimately let you more into her life. She posts about the real things, in short a proper journal. And it’s this that I like about her blog and her in fact; the fact that she is so honest and open, she bares her soul on this thing she really does.

I could be way off the mark here but occasionally I have a post I want to blog and I get ready to type it and then I can’t get any further, you know something stops me (‘why normal people make me ill’ anyone?) Actually, in truth, most of mine are about sex (as I am base when all is said and done!) but I don’t post them, is it fear of opening up to you all that extra step? Fear of ridicule? I don’t rightly know but where I am going with this is that

seems to put everything down, there is lots to tell and she is not afraid to tell us all. As I said even she may keep things hidden but I’m not so sure…

There is a self-assurance here that is only apparent when you scratch the surface. She’s got a hard attitude if you push her, which I like!

She has Tom Waits on her main page – come on is that not the biz – and she has stuck with the monkey when others have discarded the name…

I don’t comment on seamonkey’s posts anywhere near as much as I should but that’s a mini-resolution for 2007… glad to have you around ya little monkey!

I’m going to regret this in December aren’t I?

But then probably not, as you’ll all have forgotten…

If Kristin Hersh is not album of the year for 2007, with the amazing Learn to Sing Like a Star then I will lose my faith in my music taste!

So there!

PS anyone in the area of Stockholm 2nd April 2007, can you let me know as my good friend Tina and I will be going to see Kristin in concert and it would be fab if some/all/any of you could come too!


I’ve been tardy, I know, I’ve missed news, I know; it’s come to the fact that I, even I, have realised that my flist is unmanageable and something needs to be done.

Well in fact it has, the first stage of my attempt to work this whole community thang better started today by me removing over 40 people from my flist. If you are one of those and are confused/bewildered/nonplussed about that decision then please have a go at me on here as it may be that I have removed you in error (in truth most of those removed are people that are not mutual and so won’t notice).

I have been reading but by reading many (if not all of those on my flist) means that I have then not the time to respond to anyone and I don’t like that, it has never been my intention to be on LJ purely to write my blog and have other people comment; I love the community feeling and I love being involved on other people’s threads (not the threads man… sorry…).

And so today eneit‘s birthday (my number one commenter) I have made a start in getting back to how this was, how I liked it (and I’m sure she will be the first to applaud that decision).

Hang in there loyal flisters!

Well I never!

I would have to say that this came as the shock of the decade so far:

Global Warming – Humanity’s Fault

(part of the worthy links series)

Not good

It’s three in the morning and I’m up major early for the first time with no Maddoc involvement. I just had the nightmare of nightmares, woke up at two and haven’t been able to get back to sleep since.