That musical journey (hold onto your hats, it’s getting bumpy now)

Day Twelve

1981 – Joy Division: Still
Maddoc’s verdict: Not as good as yesterday’s, some funky stuff overall but I think it needs to grow on me. 3/5

Day Thirteen

1982 – Jean-Michel Jarre: The Concerts in China
Maddoc’s verdict: Daddy, what the hell are you doing? Oh wait a minute there’s some cool stuff here, it’s weird but likeable. 3/5

Day Fourteen

1983 – New Order: Power, Corruption and Lies
Maddoc’s verdict: Ooh this sounds a bit like them that did Blue Monday… it is? Oh that’s why I like the sound then. 4/5

Day Fifteen

1984 – The Smiths: Hatful of Hollow
Maddoc’s verdict: Hey these are cool Daddy, you’ve been listening to some good stuff over the years. 4/5

Day Sixteen

1985 – Tom Waits: Rain Dogs
Maddoc’s verdict: Is it me or is he getting better as he gets older? 4/5

Day Seventeen

1986 – Depeche Mode: Black Celebration
Maddoc’s verdict: Good but I’ve heard much better; weird intro too. 3/5

Day Eighteen

1987 – U2: The Joshua Tree
Maddoc’s verdict: Oh come on Daddy, you’re getting all mainstream on me, what do you mean defining album? 3/5

Day Nineteen

1988 – Dinosaur Jr.: Bug
Maddoc’s verdict: I was waiting for the best album of all time after Freak Scene came on again. Lost its power later on. 3/5

Day Twenty

1989 – Throwing Muses: Hunkpapa
Maddoc’s verdict: I don’t what it was but that just wasn’t getting me. 2/5

Day Twenty One

1990 – Depeche Mode: Violator
Maddoc’s verdict: OMG this is fab, I want more of this kind of stuff; I was bopping around like an idiot! 5/5

Day Twenty Two

1991 – Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Maddoc’s verdict: Ooh, this was fun! 4/5

Day Twenty Three

1992 – The God Machine: Scenes from the Second Storey
Maddoc’s verdict: Yes I know it’s your second favourite album of all time, yes I know the world needs to appreciate it more but I’m only ten months old when all is said and done! 3/5

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