integritysinger = awesome (but why?)

Well we ‘met’ last year, as I eventually decided to post a poem I had been working on on one of the communities on LJ.

gave me some nice feedback and being a sucker for compliments, I went and had a mosey on down to her LJ. I liked the look of it and added her to my flist, something that I am very pleased that I did!

has kept us entertained over the last year with some heartwarming, humourous and thoughtful stories in a jam-packed journal. It doesn’t matter that there has been a lot of trauma and heartache over the year because Jennie writes it in a way that lets you know she is dealing with it and more so, is winning on her own terms!

She is a mother of three and we are constantly informed of how much she cares for these little people and how grateful that they should all be that she chose them. My personal favourite is Maren, who not only has a gorgeous name but is a real cutie to boot (I show Maddoc the pics!) and also has a big thang for monkeys (but who doesn’t in truth?)!

Jennie has warmed my heart this year, made me realise howstupid the people are that say internet friends are not to be taken as real friends, as we know a hell of a lot more about each other than people I see on a regular basis and she has one of those journals that I always look forward to reading (even if I don’t always comment).

Thanks for being around chuck, it’s great to have you in my life!


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