pete23 = awesome (but why?)


is easily the person on my LJ who I have known the longest, as he came to Burnley when I was only ten and he was a wee six year old.

After years of tormenting from myself and his older step-brother (who was my best friend at the time)

came into his own and starting introducing us to computer games and later music. It is in fact

‘s way off mainstream musical taste that has resulted in my listening habits being vastly different from what they were years ago (thank god!).

has attempted to maintain contact with me over the years, even when I was crap and struggled to keep up with my past life and integrate it into my ‘new’ one. It is only now that he is living with his Swedish lovely (

) that he restricts his contact to the odd comment on the LJ *winks*

The man known as

has a biting, evil sense of humour that I absolutely love, he has shared so much with this particular (ex) monkey that I consider him one of the family and he is one of the most clinical games players ever, obliterating me on everything and anything computer-wise (except the fabled ‘Kick Off’) and now, making sure my attempt at victory in the Tigris & Euphrates board game last January was nothing short of laudable.

He keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh more than most. He’s a good friend and a great laugh but has questionable icon taste… I give you the amazing, awesome


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