Musical update…

Have been a bit remiss with this over recent days (for many reasons) but am now going to attempt to catch up.

Day twenty four (onwards – I won’t list the days from now on)

1993 – The Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream
Maddoc’s verdict: I know you’re a big fan Daddy but they’re not that good are they? 3/5

1994 – Portishead: Dummy
Maddoc’s verdict: This was a nice surprise Daddy, I didn’t expect you to be this funky! 4/5

1995 – The Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Maddoc’s verdict: Ah, now I know what you’re going on about as this is immense, its class, it’s brilliant! 5/5

1996 – Boys for Pele: Tori Amos
Maddoc’s verdict: I know you’ve gone off her recently but if this was her at her best then I’m glad I haven’t heard her much! 2/5

1997 – The Chemical Brothers: Dig your Own Hole
Maddoc’s verdict: Now you’re getting carried away with trying to be cool for your son as this was not very good at all. 2/5

1998 – Eels: Electro-shock Blues
Maddoc’s verdict: Daddy, I know you love them but cancer, suicide, death; I’m only ten months old, give me a chance! 2/5

1999 – Blur: 13
Maddoc’s verdict: We’re getting a bit better here but you’re on a bit of a downward spiral here (with no NIN in sight)! 3/5

2000 – Fiona Apple: When the Pawn…
Maddoc’s verdict: Urgh! 2/5

2001 – Eels: Souljacker

Maddoc’s verdict: Now we’re talking, easily the best album you have played so far, this is bloody brilliant! 5/5

2002 – Lambchop: Is a Woman
Maddoc’s verdict: You’ve gone on about this so much that I expected it to be better. 2/5

2003 – Radiohead: Hail to the Thief

Maddoc’s verdict: I wondered why you hadn’t played these yet and they are pretty good aren’t they? 4/5

2004 – Stina Nordenstam: The World is Saved

Maddoc’s verdict: She’s pants, she is. 2/5

2005 – Patrick Wolf: Wind in the Wires

Maddoc’s verdict: Good but was expecting something with a little more oomf. 3/5

2006 – Two Gallants: What the Toll Tells
Maddoc’s verdict: I know it was yours and eneit’s album of last year but nah. 3/5

It’s been fun (yes I’ve already started the second round)!

The list, with grades and stuff, will be appearing on Maddoc’s LJ soon, I’ll keep you informed.

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