Talk about a bolt out of the f**kin’ blue!

I just received this e-mail a few seconds ago from my ex of several years back:

I’ll get to the point of this e-mail. My husband and I had a baby in September. It’s been a big adjustment but I am totally in love with our little daughter. I know you have a son and I am sure you will agree that kids are great! Since having a baby I can’t help but think about what happened between you and I in 1999 and what I did. When I think back to that time I feel very sad indeed. I guess the reason I am e-mailing is to ask for your forgiveness. I know that might seem odd and out of the blue but it has been on my heart for a while and I feel it is important for my healing process. You may not want to reply to this e-mail and you may not be able to forgive me but I hope you know that I am deeply sorry for what happened. The actions we take in our past scar us for many years.

This is the person who put me in therapy after our relationship (not to mention everything else that happened during it).

How things can just come back and haunt you…

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