Daily Archives: 25/02/2007

A couple of worthy things…

… for you to think of:

1. The wife is going for interview number two tomorrow for a job she really would like to get. It’s at 11:00 CET and if you are around and have a chance to send some vibes then I know she will appreciate that very much.


is going to be running for charity in a couple of months, it’s for a worthy cause and so any money sent will be gratefully recieved.

That’s it for now, get back to what you were doing (unless it was foul and then, stop it!)


Proving drprearce is more interesting than me

A few days ago

asked the question of which author/authors shame you when you read, which make you wonder why the hell you write when you’ll never be anywhere near as talented, as wordy or as downright brilliant as these people?

My choices were:

Margaret Atwood
Paul Auster
Iain Banks
Micheal Ondaatje

I’d be very interested to know who yours were (and update my to-read list)

Also, whilst reading

‘s blog, I came across this little gem and wondered if any of you had been fortunate(?) enough to receive a review from her yet?

Are 90 reviews a day possible?


I’m sitting here (knowing I should be in bed) and feeling like I want to write so much before I lose it all but aware that I can’t…

I have just finished the best trilogy of this decade after having watched Lady Vengeance tonight.

I truly have witnessed one of the gods of modern cinema over the last year or so!

For those aware of my tingly pins and needles thang, it’s feeling more and more like a pinched nerve as I have one hell of a back twinge, which gets worse in the night and the sensation is more active in the hands and arms now and less in the legs. I will report more when I’ve seen the doc.

Sweet dreams.