Interviewed by eneit

1. What is your greatest fear for your son?
Apart from the obvious stuff (death, long illness, disability) that he will be persecuted for sticking to his ideals, that his race will be an issue in terms of job, life, challenges.

2. What is your greatest hope for him?
That he is happy and can support himself doing absolutely whatever it is he chooses to be/is (maybe with the exception of serial killer).

3. When you say you are a vegetarian household, are there any flesh products (ie fish, chicken or bacon) that you eat?
The wife eats that stuff that swims in the sea but me and the boy are flesh free (apart from the odd homeless person… *coughs*)

4. What do you prefer to finish meals with, sweet or savoury?
I take it by finish you mean dessert. We don’t have ‘afters’ with our meals at home but if we are out it’s always a nightmare for me as I love zee cheese and zee ice-cream and so I dilly-dally for an hour and then always regret my choice!

5. Stuck for a month with only a radio that can reach two channels to keep you amused, which station do you choose to listen to most: Classic Rock or Orchestral Classical
It would have to be orchestral, as classic rock would be great if it was Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd but it wouldn’t be it would be Deep Purple, Rainbow and Guns n’ fucking Roses and then I’d have to kill someone…

That do?


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