Interviewed by integritysinger

1. What is your current emotional state as you progress through your grief over your mum?
I’d have to say reluctant acceptance with some aspects of disbelief every now and again. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how my mum had me when she was sixteen and thought “shit I could be dead in sixteen years or less, and then Maddoc would only be a teenager. At least I was 35.” All sorts of thoughts came up then and then I dreamt about saying goodbye to her again. It’s different every time.

2. Why Sweden neither you nor Etina hail from this nation?
Well not literally no but

has been here since she was two and a half years old and has spent a huge majority of her life in Sweden. Her family left Turkey as they were Assyrians and therefore Christians. The Turks and Kurds killed several of

‘s relatives and friends before her parents decided they had to flee.

I met

here and we agreed that I would move here, as she was happy here and I’d been moving around a lot anyway.

3. Do you REALLY generate enough revenue with your film reviews, writing and etc. to do it exclusively and not work “outside the home”?
Nope, that’s why I’m looking for a full-time (crappy) job as we speak and hoping the grant comes through for the business. As a couple we really don’t spend a lot of money per month and we had put quite a bit away so that I could use that as my income for the business. Those savings were for a year and I used them for just under two years before they ran out last month (I was very proud of my belt tightening to pursue the dream – imagine going from six CDs a month to four a year… meep)!

I’ve also been teaching for the last two years on a hourly rate.

4. What is the most heinous socially deviant thing you did? How old were you?
That’s probably fooling around with a fourteen year old when I was sixteen; she wrote about her experiences (even thinking we’d had sex, which we hadn’t) in a diary which her mother read. She reported me to the police and one day they showed up at the house… oof that was painful!

I think that’s it (unless the dog sex counts)…

5. crap. can’t think of a good fifth one. Everyone else has asked you all kinds of good questions already! So here’s a dumb one: Pen or Pencil? If pen, black or blue ink, roller ball or gel writer? If pencil, mechanical or #2 graphite?
Pencil, always the pencil, I use both  types but the traditional old wooden thangs are the best. Swedes use pencils all the time, where the Brits would use a pen… yay.

You did mean for writing didn’t you (something else flashed by me then…)?

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