Interviewed by morbidmusings

1. Who is your favorite author of all time and why?
A tough one here as I always mention three when talking about faves. This means I have to go out on a limb and say Michael Ondaatje. Forget that you’ve seen The English Patient as it really is an unfilmable book (proved by the shambles that appeared on the silver screen). I feel I will change my view in a few months/years as I’m going through a phase of reading more books by fave authors and so one of them may crawl out of the wreck (Banks, Vonnegut and Dick being contenders). Just now though it is Ondaatje, he has a way with the written word that just draws you in and makes you realise you are the presence of greatness. I am a quick reader but Ondaatje does not allow me to read him as page turner. Miss the man at your peril (and start with In the Skin of a Lion, by far his best)!

2. What are your biggest fears?
Blindness is my numero uno and has been as long as I can remember; I cross the street if I see a blind person coming (I kid you not)! Then there is the fear of ants, the little buggers! They are military, they are evil, the love slavery and they do all sorts of weird shit, and yes, ants horror films generally scare me.

I am also very afeared of right-wing politics (not just far-right but any right-wing).

3. If you were stuck on an island, what three items would you want with you and why?
As people aren’t items I can’t mention family so I would have to say a laptop with solar power, The British Library (including contents) and top range speakers to attach to the laptop (there’d be lots of mp3s on there)!

4. Who is your hero/heroine and why?
I’ve a few and vary them depending on mood. Do to an upcoming film coming out I’ll go with David Lynch this time; he is THE genius of modern cinema and I still can’t believe I managed to ask him a question in Stockholm a couple of years ago (albeit a crap question). The things he can do with a camera amaze me, he creates this little microcosms that everyone gets something different out of and has pretty much single-handedly rewritten independent film.

And the guy can’t get funded for his new film…

5. What inspired you to be a writer? What made you want to get into the publishing game?
Star Wars
inspired me to write, I came home from that film (six years old) and realised I wanted to tell stories and so I started and it went on from there…

Publishing? Ooh that is probably

‘s fault. You know I started the anthology idea and felt like she could help edit it. In this last few months I have realised how easy, (and how much fun) she is to work with, we are a good team and it seemed the natural step for us to move from the editing of a book to helping talented authors get their books out there.

Thanks for the questions chuck!

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