I heard you talking to myself

A blog free weekend started exactly as hoped for, with the wife and I spending some QT together, after a very hectic start to the year.

It was to be our first weekend together, without other plans, for several weeks and plans were afoot for films, lounging and family time.

Friday we watched The Departed, which I thoroughly enjoyed, whilst wondering how this could be the film that Scorsese won his first Oscar for. I think they just felt it was getting ridiculous now, that one of the greats still hadn’t received the bronze geezer.

Saturday night we watched Volver, which I was supremely disappointed with. It’s not that I am a big fan of Almodovar and was expecting this to be another classic, just that it started with promise and I was angry that he wasn’t able to deliver.

Then yesterday we managed to get

‘s sister to babysit while we went to the cinema together (without Maddoc) for the first time since he was born. We saw the wonderful Das Lebern der Anderen, which I believe was a worthy winner of the Oscar for best foreign film.

We then got home to a vomiting Maddoc, 39c and some diarrhea. We spent the rest of the evening looking after the little mite and I grabbed three sittings to watch Marie Antoinette, which I enjoyed but had inevitable problems with.

I’m hoping to give at least one (or more) of these films a better review at some point but for now it’s getting the boy’s temperature down and hoping he eats something soon…


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