Why is your sky always so much bluer than mine?

The little wonder Maddoc is starting to pick up; thanks for concern and hugs and stuff!

It’s still tiring though and with etina‘s heavy schedule at the beginning of the week, I am solely in charge of the mite for a minimum of twelve hours a day.

I’m hoping to get some stuff done this week but time really is on a super high charge run just for the moment…

Finished off my Star Trek films with Nemesis last night. It’s alright isn’t it, I mean isn’t it?

*looks confused*

Have seen that 25 song lyrics meme floating around and so want to sort it out for my two year anniversary on here, as it was my first ever entry… (when was that again?)


Edit: I have just discovered that I missed the said two year anniversary by 8 days (I think something like that happened last time too… d’oh!)


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