Here’s THE quiz, it’s bigger and better than ever before (and there’s a prize)!

Hey there groovers and shakers (and

), it’s time for the quiz of the year (it is, you know it is)!

Circa two years ago, I started life on this mini-community knows as Live Journal and in honour of that (circa) day I have decided to relive my music quiz that was my first post (especially as it has become oh so popularé again).

Last time I did it I followed the rules and randomised the hard drive (21gb), which meant I had all sorts of possibilities. I didn’t like the selection as there was stuff in there that I had got from people and hadn’t even listened to, not really a representation of my music.

This selection comes only from my top 30 songs of all time (six and half years ago) and my top 30 albums from 18 months ago. These songs are important to me and really do showcase what I listen to.

Below you’ll find the rules and the lyrics themselves but first I’ll give you some predictions of mine for the grand prize (as I know you all so well):

Major contenders:






Minor contenders:

 (if she gets the mighty Gelf to help),







Okay so here’s the rules:

  1. No Googling: I know I can’t monitor this one but I’m hoping you’re going to do this in good faith and try your best.

  2. You can guess as many times as you like: I will merely go in and check my comments from time to time, the first correct answer for a song will be added to the list.

  3. The list will be available until Friday 23rd March or until all the songs have been guessed (whichever comes first): I’m not expecting them all to be guessed but that’s just the cynic in me… prove me wrong!

  4. The highest scoring person when quiz ends recieves the prize: I’m not saying what it is yet but it will be a fun little package!

  5. Non LJers are welcome to guess but make sure you put your name on comments or you won’t get the points.

  6. There are three types of lyrics: Easy worth 1 point, Medium worth 2 points and Hard worth 3 points. The scores are listed in brackets after the lyric. The total score is 40 points.

  7. Have fun!

  1. What did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream. [1] Pink Floyd: Welcome to the Machine, as spotted by


  2. I want your warm but it will only make me colder when it’s over. [2] Fiona Apple: Love Ridden

  3. I’ll wrap my wire around your heart and your mind, you’re mine forever now. [1] The Smashing Pumpkins: Stand Inside Your Love (one of their best and I was expecting this going early on.)

  4. Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? [1]

    starts her scary run with Wish you were here: Pink Floyd


  5. I turn my face to, wherever the wind blows, is it worth so much to try? [3] Stina Nordenstam: Fireworks (I knew not many people knew about the mighty Stina, hence all hers worth 3 points.)

  6. On a thousand islands in the sea I see a thousand people just like me. [2] As expected

    got New Order and Leave me Alone.


  7. This is my church, this is where I heal my hurts. [1]

    starts the day off with Faithless and God is a DJ.


  8. Think I got the message figured, another pilot down. [1]

    again with Not the Red Baron by Tori Amos


  9. Suffer my desire, suffer my desire for you. [1] The Smashing Pumpkins: In the Arms of Sleep (shame on you


  10. Have you ever held something beautiful and know it will eventually die? [3] If anyone was going to get The God Machine and The Blind Man it was our


  11. I keep falling over, I keep passing out, every time I see a face like you. [2] Radiohead: Black Star. Not that I thought it was one of their easiest (hence the 2) but I’m surprised no one got it.

  12. When you are much older, remember when we sat at midnight on this windowsill and had this little chat. [1] One of the people I expected would get this –

    gets Tom Waits and Midnight Lullaby.


  13. I feel at home here, in the middle of nowhere. [3] Kings of Convenience: Summer on the Westhill (didn’t think anyone would get this)

  14. I wanted so to have you, and I wanted you to know, I wanted to write songs about how we’re walking in the snow. [3] Stina Nordenstam: Soon after Christmas. A beautiful and incredibly painful song.

  15. I’m dishevelled, I’m disdainful, I’m distracted and it’s painful. [1] Shame on the many Tom fans out there as this is, of course, Tom Waits: I can’t wait to get off Work and see my Baby.

  16. Things that happen just once, if she’d looked she would have seen it, he was standing across the street, very still. [3] Stina Nordenstam: Murder in Mairyland Park. She only had three chances of coming up and came up all three.

  17. As darkness falls and waves roll by, the seasons change, the wind is raw. [1] Pillow of Winds: Pink Floyd another



  18. I’ve this creeping suspiscion that things here are not as they seem. [2] I thought there were a few Dave Matthews Band fans here too. This is their best song – The Stone.

  19. And we just don’t know where our bones will rest, to dust I guess. [1]

    jumping in with 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins (I expected this to go earlier).


  20. And he walked on down the hall. [1] Guess who? Yes it’s

    and The Doors: The End!


  21. Yesterday I woke up sucking on a lemon. [1] Never, not

    guessing Radiohead’s Everything in its Right Place!


  22. Stay cool and be somebody’s fool this year. [1] The Smashing Pumpkins once more with Cherub Rock.

  23. I want to feel sunlight on my face, see that dust cloud disappear without a trace. [1] U2: Where the Streets Have no Name; the one, the only



  24. It’s calm under the waves, in the blue of my oblivion. [2] A quick two pointer for

    (hiding under another name) and Fiona Apple’s Sullen Girl.


  25. Look Mummy, there’s an aeroplane in the sky. [1]

    has a rest here with Pink Floyd and Goodbye Blue Sky.


Get at it people!


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