Ok, those who were around for my three tv series post last week may get a bit of a shock to find out that not only did I watch episode two of Heroes but last night finished watching episode 18, meaning I am now up to speed with the whole thing.

Yes I am hooked, yes I am glad I stuck with it, glad I kept faith in

and her excellent recommendations and that

was nice enough to give me her views on this!

I’d love to have a debate on what’s going to happen in the next few episoded with people but for now I will present my own personal goodies and baddies of the show (in terms of characters).

There are spoilers in here so if you are not up to episode 18 then I suggest you back away from the cut…

The ‘Goodies’

  1. Claire Bennett: I don’t what it was that drew me to Claire in the beginning but as she developed she seemed to have such a natural and believable response to the whole concept of having a ‘gift’. She is independent, stubborn, but with such a big heart and I’m going to get really annoyed if Sylar gets anywhere near her again.

  2. Sylar: Come on, I know he’s the bad guy of the piece (or is he?) but he is such a delightful, intriguing character and I love whenever he is on screen. Don’t you just get a little tingle whenever the ticking starts?

  3. Claude: Not only is it Christopher Eccleston but his character is just sublime too. I loved his introduction, the shock on his face when he realised he could be seen. I want to know what’s going to happen to him.

  4. Mohindar Suresh: Oh, what a hard time Mohinder is having, I like him because like Claire he is a real character, you can really see him struggle to come to terms with everything. I hope Peter saves him.

  5. Nathan Petrelli: You always need the reluctant hero and nobody does it better than Nathan “I’m all tough and that but underneath I’m a big sap”. Yay flying man!

  6. Hiro: I know some of you don’t like him but I have to go with

    here and agree that he is the one that tries to work out his superpower early and use it to do good. He’s very naïve but in such a likeable way.


  7. Ando: You don’t have to have powers to be a hero and nobody has proved that more than Ando, the first reluctant and then super willing sidekick. He’s a gem.

  8. Peter Bennett:Devious and deadly but all for the greater good, Peter was a character that annoyed me early on and is one of the clearer examples of the grey shades between good and evil.

  9. Matt Parkman: Another major victim here and the poor lad has ended up with easily one of the worst powers when it comes to social interaction. His heart is in the right place and I can easily see Sylar taking his brain out to see what makes it ‘tick’.

  10. Peter Petrelli: I do still have some problems with Peter (not least his haircut ) but the fact that he is so pivotal and will probably do some big end of season showdown with Sylar (after he tidies his forehead up). His development has been fun and of course he’s not going to blow up New York.

The ‘Baddies’

  1. The whole Nicci/Jessica/Micah/DL saga: Come on it’s tiring, the Nicci/Jessica thing is poor at best and I’m hoping for some really good reason for why having a psycho alter-ego helps save the world. Micah is annoying and DL and his sad puppy look is too much.

  2. Isaac Mendes: Meester Eesak is one wet blanket and whether he has stubble and copius amounts of heroin or is clean and clean shaven (symbolic?) he is still so annoying as to be almost unwatcheable. Oh well at least his brain will be eaten soon.

  3. The Boss: Eric Roberts has never been able to act and he’s not about to start in this series is he?

  4. Ted: Look I can do mini-explosions with my hands and I go off the boil on a regular basis… so what?

  5. Meredith Gordon: Please tell me she was a bit-part and is not likely to return as she was such a weak character (and made our Claire cry).

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