THE Author quiz (yes there’s a prize!)

Even though the film quiz is still running, it’s a two horse race and will be over soon…

Here is the author quiz that I thought up last night. There are ten authors hidden below and you are given a piece of information on them each day until someone gets them.


34 =

: The winner!
11 =

: Second place is yours my lad (beware the moon though)!
7 =

: A worthy third position for the bullet!
6 =

: Comes in on the second day and grabs an author!
5 =

: Appears with the penultimate author!

Da roolz

  • No googling, wikepiding, etc., etc. Blah, blah blah, you know the score.

  • Each day there will be extra clues, the minute an author is guessed, they are removed from the list.

  • The scores to be gained are in brackets after the clues.

  • You can guess each author ONCE per day. Any extra guesses are ignored by me, but may be taken up by others (thus giving them the points.)

  • The points are set at maximum on the first day and drop by one point every day after.

  • The winner will receive a book from me after the quiz has closed.

  • This quiz will remain open until all the authors have been guessed or until sometime Friday (30th March 2007).

  • Have fun!

Da clooz:

  1. Baptised: February 1564 [7] [info]squirrel_monkey and 7 for Christopher Marlowe.

  2. Born: January 1809 [7][info]generalbullet gets the maximum 7 points for Edgar Allan Poe.

  3. Born: February 1812 [7] [info]squirrel_monkey gets all 7 for guessing Charles Dickens.

  4. Born: November 1847, in Ireland [6] [info]squirrel_monkey with another 6 for Bram Stoker

  5. Born: November 1922, in the United States [6] [info]squirrel_monkey (never!) with 6 for Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

  6. Born:November 1939 [7] and again [info]squirrel_monkey gets 7 for Margaret Atwood.

  7. Born: September 1943, in Sri Lanka and has had a novel (badly) made into a film [5]

    got the 5 for my favourite author of all time and last to be guessed, Michael Ondaatje


  8. Born: February 1947, in the United States [6] [info]pete23 with 6 for Paul Auster

  9. Born: February 1954, in Scotland [6] [info]shereenb gets 6 points for guessing Iain Banks.

  10. Born: November 1967, in England, before moving to Spain [5] [info]abygael gets 5 points for spotting the multi-talented Simon Haynes


Get to it book worms!


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