Stuff in TV and Film land (no spoilers)

I have to say I like how


give their TV and film recommendations/reviews and have decided to follow suit by letting you know what I’ve been up to in film and TV land this week:

The Dresden Files: Series One – Episode 8 ‘Storm Front’
Oof, this was a really terrible episode, pain-inducing even. The program has had its ups and downs over recent weeks but I had to watch this one in about six sittings it was so tedious!

Battlestar Galactica: Series Three – Episode 19 ‘Crossroads Part One’
This has been an excellent program for some time now and doesn’t seem to be letting up. The episode had a few ooh and aah moments and I was shocked to find out tonight’s is the season finale… eek!

Supernatural: Series Two – Episode 17 ‘Heart’
I’ve been waiting for this particular episode since the start of season one (you’ll know what I mean when you watch it) and even though I was disappointed with quite a bit in the episode, the ending was a bit impressive! I really think they need to tie this up this season though as a third will be way too much (I still think they should have ended at the end of one as that would have been ace!).

House M.D.: Series One – Episode 1 ‘Pilot’
Thanks to


 for ‘pushing’ me to see this, it was a very enjoyable episode and yes, I will be watching more!

Paris, je t’aime
An interesting concept: 18 short films about love, filmed in Paris, city of love. Some were great, some so so and some truly terrible (Wes Craven’s head on a plate anyone?). A film that although had its moments was a little unnecessary actually.

Now I remember really enjoying the book, despite cries of “but he’s only 15 and it’s all plagiarism!” (Jesus, what isn’t in the world of fantasy these days?) but the film struggled greatly, with actors in the wrong positions, the director aiming for the LOTR grandeur with landscape shots (and failing miserably) and all in all not getting anyone excited about the next installment at all. The dragon looked cool though but then dragons are aren’t they?

Okay see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

(Erm, where did that come from?)

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