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Big welcome to



, nice to have you along, get comfy, there’s coffee and chocolate spoons later…

I thought I would herald my return with a little look at what’s been keeping me amused (or not) in TV and film over the last few days:

Babel: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu
I’ve been reading some mid-range to negative reviews about this film and I must not have seen it in the way they did. Pretentious, Iñárritu? What are you talking about, he’s one of the finest directors on the circuit at the moment, and I know Scorsese was due an Oscar and I know a film of his was due, but not that film and not against this. It’s a masterpiece, just like
21 Grams and just like Amores Perros, and I’m glad we have director’s like this around, keeping the whole film making art very, very real. Babel is about understanding, is about language (or lack of) about human nature, about big mistakes from small events, about some people being more privileged than others.

I loved it, I think it deserved the Oscar; the ‘winner’ didn’t win (as is often the case).

The Illusionist: Neil Burger
I seemed to have missed out on all the news about this one, if there indeed was any, and only heard about it after my sister and seen it in England. It’s a real little gem of a film and has enjoyable performances from (my favourite actor) Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti. It’s one of those films that’s engaging from the beginning and draws you into a very complicated love triangle (are there any others?) which can only have a negative outcome. Add to that some parlour tricks and magic and you’ve got something to keep you entertained for just under two hours!

Doctor Who: Series Three, Episode One – Smith and Jones
I know there are a lot on my flist that are big Who fans but I have always struggled with it. A few episodes have stood out and made me think but overall it’s a program about time travel with lots of paradoxes and holes in its theories. This particular episode has proved once more that when this show sucks it sucks massively, with a bad idea, crap gimmicks and just nothing that makes you think ‘quality television’. The Brits need to pull their/our finger out and get something worthwhile written for TV.

The Dresden Files: Series One, Episode Ten – What About Bob?
This program has really been going up and down, with some real gems of episodes and some truly terrible ones too. I have to say this was easily one of the better ones, a better insight into two or three of the major players in the game, opening up some old wounds and answering some of our questions in the process. Please, please please, can the makers keep it going in this vein?

Of course I have other stuff but it’s been a long day and I’m beat; speak to you soon!

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