That big chat that me and Eneit had

Me and

chat a lot it’s true, there have been lots of chats about each other aspeople, our past, present and future, and of course lots recently on the new business venture of ours.

An interesting chat we had today was where we wanted to travel to and why, and we came to the conclusion that

‘s choice was based on the opposite enticement to mine and that was of people per square km in the country.

must favour quiet and peaceful surroundings as she went for Russia, with its 8 people per square km, pretty relaxed eh?

I however must have a bloody screw loose as I have now decided that I absolutely HAVE to travel to Bangladesh! Why, because I just can’t get my head around the fact that there is a country on this globe that has more than 1,600 people per square km, I can’t see the maths of that one, no matter how much I try it doesn’t come!

So look out Bangladesh, here I come (any of my flist want to put me up?)![1]


and I never had this conversation but it’s very possible we could have done

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