How does one measure a cyber crush?

Having a chat with

today[1], we talked a little about my cyber crushes and it got me thinking that I had more than I thought…

The quantity of the crushes isn’t a problem for me as none of you know about it[2], just the fact that when I mentioned one today,

‘s response was along the lines of “you’d have to be dead not to see that one Mark”[3]!

It seems I’m a little like cling film[4] at times… but maybe that’s cause

is so perceptive!

*mumbles something to himself*[5]


[1] We actually did have this chat
[2] Some of you probably do actually
[3] Her quote was much funnier but my 2006 brain[6] wouldn’t allow me to remember it
[4] See through… ha de ha
[5] Of course I’m not saying what the mumble was
[6] The 2006 brain is a term

and I use frequently to discuss my mental state. My memory was infallible until sometime last year and then things started to go wrong and I haven’t got back on track since (in fact it was around the time I first started chatting to



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