Out in the real world: part two

Not content with the pain and torture of yesterday, I saw that it was sunny and that Maddoc would probably appreciate some crawling around in the mud and so I took him ‘out back’[1] for a play in our yard.

He’s pretty good at avoiding those cigarette stubs and broken glass and so the first 22 seconds went well. However, there is a filthy ants[2] nest around somewhere and there were millions of the little buggers[3] around a tree that he was aiming for. I tried to keep calm but was worried that I might have to step in and confront them myself…

He veered around the tree, checked them out a bit and then popped back to me laughing and grinning, due to the fact that he knew he’d just put his father through hell, and then we played a little bit of football before I brought him back in for his beloved Ivor the Engine.

I’d like to say that was it but we are forced to go into town later and confront at least three people in stores on my errandlist.[4]



[1] Makes it easier for the people from the US to understand (I guess)
[2] The most vile, evil creature this planet has
[3] I wanted to say ‘fuckers’ but thought it might be rude
[4] Why don’t they have a postal service on the net?


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