There have been complaints…

… that I’m not posting enough. OMG are you lot gonna be sorry now!

Some TV I’ve neglected to post:

: Series One – Episodes 1-5
I have to say, I had no real intention of watching this and yet downloaded the first few to have a look just. I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised, granted there are things that bother me but not anywhere near as much I thought would and in truth it’s been rather an enjoyable romp through Cardiff… Cardiff?

Doctor Who: Series Three – Episodes 2&3 The Shakespeare Code and Gridlock
I recently found out that my aussie flist haven’t got these yet and so my non-spoiler policy is about to get a whole lot less spoilerish now to keep you ‘down under’ happy. Bit of a mix here as The Shakespeare Code was one of my fave episodes in ages and Gridlock was rather pants. I think it may be time for Davies to sit back and congratulate himself on bringing the Doctor back and then letting other people write.

The Dresden Files: Series One – Episodes 11&12 Things that go Bump and Second City
After a hit and miss start, I’m rather warming to this program, I like several characters (Bob is fantastic) and even though the plots are not blowing me away they are pretty entertaining. These were fun but I still think What about Bob and Hair of the Dog are my faves!

Supernatural: Series Two – Episode 18 Hollywood Babylon
I think I’m not as clever as I thought I was, as I couldn’t truly get my head around this episode. It seemed to neither be a very good parody of horror, nor a clever story but I ended up sitting and sort of enjoying it regardless. I do feel like the program needs to wrap up soon though as it’s such a different concept than when they started it and I’m not a big fan of where it’s headed.

And remember kids, Heroes is back on Monday…


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