Brilliant stuff!

You know when you hear great news and it just makes you dance around like an idiot?

But then you forget about it all[1] so that when you find out again you want to do the same all over again?

Well today I just found out[2] that Radiohead[3] will be releasingan album this year! Get in!

[1] 2006 Brain [TM]
[2] again
[3] A weird bit of Radiohead came to light today and that’s regarding No Surprises from OK Computer. If you play me that song on the right day I am likely to get caught up in its melancholic melody, wistfully smiling at its beauty. If you play it on the wrong day there is a good chance I will go on the rampage with

‘s orange gun, causing mayhem and covering your friends, family and other innocent bystanders in citrus ammunition. Just so you are aware.


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English teacher, writer, editor, publisher, reviewer and blogger. Founder of publishing company, Morrigan Books and imprint, Gilgamesh Press and editor-in-chief for review site, Beyond Fiction. Also cycles, plays floorball, listens to lots and lots of music, reads a ton of books and tries to fit in some TV, film and writing too. View all posts by Mark S. Deniz

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