That speech thang last night

I mentioned having the speech last night, which went well, there’s even a bad quality pic of me in action:

Impressed aren’t you? I can tell!

An interesting question I got after the talk was regarding the network of Live Journal and how my mutual friends list were, in terms of geographical placement. I couldn’t answer the question as I’ve never done the hard maths (maths = syntax error) but I said I would find out as I was interested and so it’s here for your enjoyment:

U.S.A.: 52 of 120 = 43%
Australia: 35 of 120 = 29%
England: 13 of 120 = 11%
Sweden: 5 of 120 = 4%
Canada: 4 of 120 = 3%
Finland: 2 of 120 = 2%
Northern Ireland: 2 of 120 = 2%
Assyrian: 1 of 120 = 1%
German: 1 of 120 = 1%
New Zealand: 1 of 120 = 1%
Norway: 1 of 120 = 1%
Russia: 1 of 120 = 1%
Scotland: 1 of 120 = 1%
Sri Lanka: 1 of 120 = 1%

As you can no doubt see, these are not exact figures as the total is 101% but me not being a maths type, liked the round numbers better.

Well what a shocker, last night I told the audience that I didn’t know the ratio but Australia were easily on top. It seems I forgot you yanks are everywhere! (This list is based on where I understand you to come from and not where you live.)

So there you have it, that’s all I have time for now (what a day it’s been!).

Leave in an orderly (and quiet) fashion…


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