Ignore that last post…

… as stuff seems to have been ignored in favour of other stuff (kind of hard when only one is prepared to deal with the problems faced, instead would rather wait until it’s forgotten)…

So instead you have my try-and-occupy-myself-with-media-fest-weekend posts (or not, depending how the mood swings and sways)!

First up, Girl Disappearing is easily one of Tori’s best songs, shame the album it belongs to is not getting much better…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – I put it on last night as a switch-off flick and was actually forced to turn it off after an hour, due to boredom. for an action-adventure, it’s pretty slow and dull, even with the mighty Johnny Depp (me still loves undead monkey though)!

Torchwood – Series One: Episodes 6-9
I’ve actually watched these over the last few days and am really starting to enjoy the show. Episode Six bordered on excellent but for the fact I got the twist a little too quickly and that Supernatural actually did the story better earlier.

Supernatural – Series Two: Episode 19 – Folsom Prison Blues
This was rather a good episode, going back to the basic roots of the show. I am getting kind of worried that with only a few episodes left we are going to see a third series. I feel like this is one show that needs to end on a high and every time a new series comes along, the more pessimistic I get about this.

Doctor Who – Various episodes from Tom Baker’s incarnation (at the behest of erybar)
I’ve watched the first two episodes of Genesis of the Daleks and the first episode of The Deadly Assassin. I remember The Deadly Assassin from my childhood and barely supressed a shudder when the TARDIS appeared in the museum next to a grandfather clock…

Genesis of the Daleks seems to be an interesting story but I still have problems with the Baker-type hamming it up… I know I should just go with the flow but that is proving hard.

That’s your lot so far…


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