Who’s in the top ten this month?

Top Commenters on ‘s LiveJournal
(Self and anonymous comments excluded from rankings)

1 911 911
2 476 476
3 447 447
4 283 283
5 261 261
6 213 213
7 194 194
8 141 141
9 140 140
10 135 135

Report generated 02/05/2007 13:16:03 by ‘s LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7

Whoa, what happened this month? dafne99 was number 23 and has shot up to 8 in less than four weeks and is the biggest threat to the number two spot for some time now!

integritysinger has gone up from 5 to 4 after constantly thinking she’s going to be dropping out of the top ten… *winks*

Not much change otherwise in the ten but masses of stuff going on in the top twenty so you never know how this is going to look in May!


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