Yesterday – a tough day to explain…

A big welcome to hot tub queen

, a rather appropriate time to join in the fun, considering last night’s LJ action!


Yesterday was, in a word, fun! I’ve always been a flirt, right from when I got my first Saturday job at a supermarket in Burnley at 16. School was a horror that has scarred me to this day, yet this supermarket made me realise that I wasn’t just there to be made fun of or picked on, that there was something going on within those ‘searching’ eyes of mine too.

And so it began, and has never really stopped, to this day. I am in a warm, loving relationship with a woman who trusts me implicitly and I don’t take advantage of that trust, I treasure it. I love the banter and have never really hidden the fact that I love to bandy flirtatious remarks both in person and on here.

If I haven’t flirted with you yet, there must be a good reason for it, most probably because you haven’t given me the right/wrong phase that sets me off, or I am aware that you are not a flirty type and then I respect you for this. Only once on here have my comments resulted in misunderstandings and subsequent removal of that friend from my flist. Others around at the time were a little bemused by this person’s offense at my comments, due to their flirty nature with me beforehand.

I was a little disappointed with the episode but refuse to change who I am, I try not to offend but if I do I apologise and make sure not to make the same mistake with that particular person.

So why the waffle now? Well because yesterday showed just how much fun my flist can be when it comes to flirting, there were many comments, much flirting and an awful lot of laughing. I left LJ in such a good mood and looking forward to the next banter session!

I better start looking for new, snazzier icons!



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