Bit of telly over the weekend…

I’m not sleeping, insomnia strikes and I know exactly why (as I usually do), as it’s the writing. I’ve not really been writing, except for the two poems, and it shows. It’s amazing how much LJ has come to be my exercise, my writing safety net.

Anyway, what have I been catching up on since I returned?

Heroes: Series One, Episode 21: The Hard Part
An excellent episode, leading up to a wonderful season finale (more of this will be coming up in


Supernatural: Series Two, Episode 20: What Is and What Should Never Be
After feeling the program has lost some of its edge and gone into comedy and parody mode, this episode comes along and blows me away. Easily one of the best episodes of either series and I love the whole concept of it, philosophically, which made it all the more intriguing. (You might not believe this but I cried too!)

I’m looking forward to the next Supernatural and cannot wait for tonight’s Heroes (although I’m watching it tomorrow). Have to admit to being a little pensive about the two Doctor Who episodes to watch though (oh just found out it’s one as Eurovision pushed it out of slot on Saturday).

Back later…


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