… and speaking of TV… (*spoilers*)

I just watched the last four episodes of Torchwood over the last few days and I am mightily indebted to Rob Hood for persuading me to watch it.

Episode 10 – Out of Time
This was one of those really good character-driven stories and gave us more of an insight into the characters. The whole premise itself was nothing to write home about but the dialogue and interaction was top notch.

Episiode 11 – Combat
This had some really cool ideas but unforntunately was a really bad episode in terms of being an extremely poor copy of Fight Club. I can’t believe the makers of this show didn’t read the script and say “No chance, it’s almost plaguristic this one!”. They didn’t and that’s a shame.

Episode 12 – Captain Jack Harkness
I loved this episode, due to me being a big fan of Jack. It answered a few questions and was delightfully painful. Again some really well played out scenes and I think they chose a good cast for this one.

Episode 13 – End of Days
The previous episode set the scene for this and this was my favourite episode of the 13, it really built up some nice tension and I actually cried at the end of this one (although I seem to be doing that quite often at the moment and so it could be down to the Barcelona trip, I’m going to rewatch this episode in the future and see how that affects me!).


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