The reasons for those TV characters

Thought I’d hide it under the cut due to size and massive spoilers:

1. Carnivale = Henry Scudder

There was some confusion with me picking this particular character but this is because I saw the character as a whole in terms of the series, rather than just when he actually appeared in the show. There is so much mystery about Scudder, so many worry, his family are incredible, and all roads lead to him. Not only is meeting him one of the most awaited scenes in the whole program but his death is so abrupt, so tragic, it physicaly had me screaming out in anger (and pain).

I love so many characters in Carnivale, but Scutter IS Carnivale; think of the effect and impact he had on almost every character in the show, all roads lead to Scutter…

2. Twin Peaks = Dale Cooper

Again a program with so many wonderful characters, yet the friendliest F.B.I. agent was easily my favourite, with a penchant for doughnuts and black coffee, he warmed up the show from the first minute and gave us an indication that love and good conquers all. That was before we remembered that it was Lynch running the show.

3. Deadwood = Al Swearengen

Not only is Ian McShane from the north of England and a damn fine actor but Swearengen is a wonderful character too. He’s a tortured soul of the highest order, victim turned to bully but with that achilles heel that makes these characters so enduring. I was a huge fan of Bullock and the doc too but Al wins hands down… the cocksucker!

4. Heroes = Sylar

This is one of the few I feel I don’t even need to answer, due to it being so obvious. Okay he’s the bad guy, he’s going to lose and we don’t really root for the bad guys do we… well do we? The thing is he is so multi-faceted and the story of a broken individual trying to make a difference yet getting lost inside himself so appeals to me. I think it’s a wonderful characterisation and I think Sylar may well be my favourite TV character of all time (which I thought was Dale Cooper)!

5. Battlestar Galactica = Six

I love that she’s a homage to The Prisoner, I love that she’s imaginary for half of the show but I also love that as a character there is so much going on in there. She has been through the grind this one but has kept her faith and her beliefs and I really like that a character with faith hasn’t been found wanting so early in the run (not that I have any faith myself mind you)! Oh yes, she’s sexy too!

6. The Simpsons = Bart Simpson

Quite simply I love him because he’s all I wanted to be at school, the rebel, the tearaway and the free-spirited adventurous little boy. He has wonderful pranks, wonderful lines, yet is in some profound scenes (remember him with Lisa and the little league game? I cried at that one!).

7. Blackadder = Baldrick

Am a big lover of Percy but none can oust Baldrick in the whole show, he was just brilliant. I’m actually a bit weird in that I like the first series best where Baldrick is the smart one and Blackadder the idiot and that when he had a ‘cunning plan’, he actually did. A wonderful weasely character and I still haven’t got over his cappuccinos in the trenches… ewww!

8. Supernatural = Dean

There’s only two to choose from and Sam is a little too sensitive for me, getting amazed at Dean eyeing up the women and making his regularly offensive remarks. I like Dean because he really is a victim trying to deal with a really crappy situation. The shit his dad has put him through is amazing and in the last two episodes Dean has become one of my favourite TV characters ever, there’s just so much to like!

9. Torchwood = Jack Harkness

The fact that I really disliked his character in Doctor Who and that I wasn’t really looking forward to this program shows what an effect this guy has had on me. I really like the mystery surrounding him, that you want to know what’s going on but don’t get annoyed at the speed in which you find out. I love his relationship to all the other characters and I love that mercenary side of him that allows characters to kill themselves and put themselves in danger. If you’ve not seen the program then watch it just for him, he’s really wonderful!

10. The Dresden Files = Bob

Another hit and miss show here (like Torchwood) although this has less going for it in terms of characters. There is no real choice for anyone except Bob, the ghost who was prepared to sacrifice his soul for the one he loved, another concept I love. He’s a wonderful witty character too and the episode without him was easily the worst in the series.

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