“If I met this killer, I’d shake his hand.” “You say that now.”

There now comes some comments up to and including episode eight with major spoilers (please don’t let me know anything that is in the last four episodes as I’m not there yet):

Well first things first, what a bloody brilliant series this is, wonderfully paced, with excellent characters and some real excitement built in too!

I’m a bit annoyed here that I watched episode eight today as I was going to be all clever and let you know that I thought it was the doctor who was the ‘ice-truck killer’ but then the episode gave it all away.

In some ways I’m actually annoyed it’s him as although it makes sense in some ways, it’s kinda ridiculous in others. I’ll keep quiet about this until I’ve seen the whole series, as I may be proved wrong.

I think my favourite concept with the whole series is that it really does play with the idea of normal and monster and has you wondering who the real criminals are in the series. Dexter is a serial killer but he is so utterly likeable that it would be stupid to say he is a monster, yet he is, isn’t he?

The fact that one of the nicest, warmest people in the program, Rita, thinks that Dexter is wonderful, thinks he caring and is great with her kids, does all he can to help and is only held back by his belief that he is strange, a monster, an alien to normal society, says so much about our own society.

The ‘monsters’ are the people who take advantage of weak people and still hold respectable positions, the psychiatrist being a prime example, the human trafficker being another. Perry is a problem character, trying to be the monster he’s not but becoming another kind instead.

There’s just so much going on with this vision of reality and normality in the show (with the fact that sometimes the colours aren’t even real) that I tingle after each episode and even though

was treading very thin ice when she suggested the show was better than Carnivale, I can easily say that it is the best thing since Carnivale!

I have so much more to say about Dexter but I’m going to force myself to shut up now until the end of the season and then we can pre-squee together for season two!


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