I’m addicted, it’s driving me crazy!

I have some more thoughts on Dexter (with serious spoilerage):

The thing about Dexter is that it’s driving me insane, I’ve just watched episodes 9 and 10 and have loads to do but don’t think I can keep from watching episode 11 (give me about three minutes before I give in)!

Angel, no not Angel, I love that character!

Ok did Dexter’s dad kill his mum and how is Rudy related? I’ve got a horrible feeling that he’s Dexter’s brother as that would explain the knowledge of his history and which photographs to pick.

What’s going on with Doakes, what the hell happened there with the Haitian and is that related?

Loved the way Dexter dealt with Paul, magnificent!

I’m shaking, this is how great tv should be, I haven’t been like this since Carnivale!

Okay, episode 11!


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